Justice or Mercy.

It is late and I am tired but I hope to get this done this early morning. This will be about things that bother me and I have to say something. No one has to agree with me. I am not going to call out names because that would be wrong.

First, I don’t care if you get the shot or wear a mask or not. But there is nothing in the Constitution that says any business has to let you in their doors because you think you have rights. You have the right not to do those things but they also have that right to say no to you. It is no different than them saying you must wear shoes. It is a health act. I believe with all my heart that Hospitals and clinics should have the right to make you get a shot or be fired. Last week 40 people died from COVID, that is up from the week before. A hospital in Little Rock is getting help from the National Guard to help them. It is to give nurses a break so they can recover from months of overtime. That is how bad it is right now.

I have stated this before but the Democratic party is sick in the head. It has no moral grounds to stand on. Before you bring up Trump, let me say 2 things. First he is not the president now. He is history. When Schumer and Pelosi are scared of these woke idiots then they have no guts to stand up to them They are cowards. Second, quit trying to say Biden is a good man. He has not proven that.

For all of your Trump supporters, I hope he is never president again. I never wanted Trump even though I voted for him in 2 national elections. Only the Democrats would put up people that are worse than he was. Trump had some good ideas but he never knew how to work the system. You may say that is why you voted for him. It also the reason he had a hard time getting things done. The job of president cannot be run like a CEO runs a big business. Trump has proven that. He is the reason we have democrats running the Senate and the House now. Trump was never the Savior of America. Only Jesus is the Savior. Well Ben, we never meant that but many have said it.

I have to check myself everyday on this next topic. When you are wronged by anyone, you are to turn the other cheek. I have a problem with that also but that is what is supposed to happen. We are not to wish evil things on people. We are to be the better person, we are to take the higher road. I have heard to many people on Facebook and in person say they will never forgive or forget what someone did or said. Now this is where justice and mercy comes out. I have said this and I hear it a lot. That evil person needs to get or sent to such and such. But now again lets look at what the Bible says. We are to seek mercy. We are to turn the other cheek. We are to give the person our coat. We are to walk the extra mile. If we as Christians have hate in our hearts we are not following what Jesus. It doesn’t matter what that other person has said or done. Yes it is hard. It is very hard at times but that is what He said we are to do. He gives us mercy. I am glad He does not give me the things I deserve. That is what justice is. In a court of law we want the guilty to get what they deserve. But Jesus never said to seek justice. His Saving Grace is by Mercy. He died on the cross for us. He got what we deserved. He gives us Mercy.

It is late and I won’t want to get up. You are welcome to give me your thoughts whether you liked it or not. Again this is not for any one person. Again I have trouble at times also but I am learning mercy is what I should always have in my heart.

Ben C

Tid bits

I have heard a lot of people proclaim the will never get the COVID vaccine. Well that is your right. It won’t bother me at all. The stores also have rights. They have the right to protect themselves and their customers. So if you are denied entrance into a store because you will not wear a mask then that is your problem and not the stores. You do not have any civil right into the store if you do not have one on. That could be a huge store like a Lowes or a Walmart or it could be a mom and pop place. They do not have to allow you in. Most do but that is because they do not want their life threatened by some one. It has happened all across America. I have heard of people threatened the owners with a gun. According to the CDC I do not have to wear a mask any longer. But I will until I feel safe.

Last week as all of you know northwest Arkansas had too much rain in just a few ours. I think I heard 8 inches but that may be wrong. Most have seen the devastation brought about because of it. Most of you have seen the pics of high water such as the ones of the white vehicle stuck underneath the railroad under pass. I don’t know if that person went around a barrier or not but I suspect he did. He thought he was being denied his right to drive on the road he wanted to be on. So he went around the barrier and ended with a ruined car, the fire department getting him from under there to safety. And he may get a ticket for thinking this doesn’t mean me.

Back to COVID for a few seconds. On Facebook I have heard some gossip saying everyone that has a COVID shot card may need them to do shopping. I have also heard bitching about that if it might happen. But this is not about civil rights. This is about safety for all. If that is true about the card I still don’t think every store would enforce it, but they would have that right.

I have a weather radio. I got it several years ago at Walmart. It is on power all the time. With May here into early June is tornado season here. It may give me a couple of minutes warning time but my safe place [bathroom] is close by. Everyone should have one in their homes and if possible at your work. They are not expensive and you can get a plug in one or one that takes batteries and a charger that comes with it. It is convenient because you can take it where you want. I wish I had a better place to go but I don’t. I will pray to be safe. If not then I will be safely in Jesus’ arms.


Somethings about me if you are interested.

This may take a while but I will get it done. These past 8 years or more I have seen a lot of things that unsettles me. Things I have never seen in my life. I was born in the 50s and grew up in the 60s and early 70s. I did not know about war, civil unrest, or anti-American feelings. Not until My mind could even begin to understand those things. I was in the second grade when I came to know about Russia, Khrushchev, and communism. Did I understand all that was going on, no? But I did know Cuba was wanting to have missiles put on the island with nuclear warheads. My friends and I would talk about it at recess. The teachers never mentioned it. I think they did not want to scare us. But we all heard it on our black and white tv’s. We talked about what we would do and though we never said it, we were scared somewhat. But no one had to see a counselor or had a breakdown. We went home and played and loved our families and went to school. When the crisis ended everyone sighed in relief. My friends and I agreed it was American strength that made the difference. Kennedy did the correct things but it was our strength and our [people of the USA] resolve that made the difference. There was no anti-American or anti-war protest. Americans from coast to coast were together.

I am not going into all the big news stories because that would make this extremely long. But I do want to talk about 3 or 4 more things. First is the civil rights unrest of the 60s. I did not understand what the big deal was. I was truly ignorant about such matters. I did not know any blacks and there were few in Northwest Arkansas. So I said that to say this. I thought it was crazy of anyone to be unhappy in America. I knew rich and poor and no one was anti-American or was denied rights so what were they complaining about. I did not hate them, but I had no idea why they were causing such problems for America. It was not until I was in Jr. high that I began to find out things no one had ever told me. I began to learn about what really happened on the large plantations so long ago. I found out about the years after the civil war and the unrest that was in all of the South. About the carpetbaggers, the KKK, the lynchings, and the denial of rights blacks had to put up with for so many years. Even into the 20th century into the 50s and 60s. My mind and thinking had a lot of changes to do. In the 70s I went to Ark Tech in Russellville. I had to find new friends and find out who I was. Like any place you go, you will find good people and bad people and even those that you are not sure about. The second semester I met one great human being. His name is Melvin Bryant, and he was from Barton Ark. He is also black. We worked in the cafeteria slopping plates. There were atheists, alcoholic Catholics, druggies, and jerks working there also. But I got along with 99% of them. But Melvin was special. He was funny but never dirty, loved the sports I did, and had a huge smile on his face most of the time. I learned more about blacks, black culture, and how to treat them more than any class could teach me. I also learned that we could talk about anything. Nothing was taboo and no judgments made. Being a Christian and finding Christian friends helped me of course and I grew up the most while I was in Russellville.

Those years made me who I am today. First I have several faults and they show there ugly heads every once in a while. But my faults do not outweigh my good points and I believe I can say that with confidence. I do not hate anyone, not by race, color, religion, or sin. There are things I speak out against in all of those things but it is never hate ever toward a person. When I find out I am wrong then I will say so and if need be apologize. But I will speak my mind and I will do it with conviction.

Now to get to these past 8 years. America is failing, It probably started years ago. The Mid 60s, early 70s may have begun our downward swing but I have my own ideas about that. In 1963, prayers were taken out of schools. Up to then most schools started with a prayer by a teacher of the staff member. No one had to repeat it, say amen do anything against their will, but a very liberal Supreme court said it was wrong. But it did not stop with that. Soon schools were banned from any prayers before ball games, no Christmas songs or plays. And it continues today. The next big thing is abortion. In the early 70s, another very liberal court said abortions would be legal. They said states would be able to regulate the laws and procedures. But that has not happened. It seems no state has any rights over it. Even this Supreme Court is not allowing states to regulate the laws on abortion. There is nothing worse a nation can do than kill children in the womb. We have been spiraling faster and faster downward since that became law. It has been no means in any way helped America.

Trump has never been very high on my list for anything. He did some good things and some stupid things. But he never went against God and His Word. What Biden and the liberal Congress is dong is shaking their fist at God and saying they have power. But they only have power because God allows it. America probably deserves what we have now. I say that with a straight face. Christians are become a minority.. They are not growing fast enough to keep up with those that hate God and His ways. That does not mean we sit on out hands and do nothing. It does not me we give up hope. It does mean we will have to lean on Him and our Christian brothers and sisters more and more. We cannot put our faith in any candidate. That includes Trump. He is not the Savior of America but Jesus is. I truly hope America will get tired of all of Biden and Pelosi’s crap, but if not then thing will get worse for America but we should do more to help people come to Jesus. Not for political reasons but salvation and God’s reasons.

Well, I need to put this to bed. I am going over this again and see if it makes sense. No one has to say this was good Ben, or I agree. These are my own thoughts. If you think they are okay then that is good. If you disagree then that is your privilege but I truly am not worried about it. BEN C.


There once in a land not much different than what we live in and a time similar to now was a very, very, very rich man. He had a huge home with 50 different rooms, 10 were bathrooms. He has a very pretty wife [a few years ago] and 4 spoiled brats for children. He gave them all they wanted, cars, jewels, and facelifts for his wife. Computers, stereos, big-screen televisions to the children and they all had all the pets they wanted, snakes to ponies to rare birds. But they never seemed happy and always wanted more. The rich man was very unhappy. He wasn’t happy, his wife wasn’t happy nor his spoiled children.

One day he decided he would put an ad in the paper to find out if anyone could tell him the secret to being happy. He put out a very large reward to the person that could find him happiness. Well of course he got a lot of answers. Most he knew were lies such as land, cars, and vacations. He had tried them all many times. He got a couple of invitations from a few pastors. They all said they knew what the man needed. So he goes to church # 1. After 3 weeks he found out that what the pastor called happiness was the rich man being a board member and giving money for the church. He left #1 disappointed. He then went to #2. Well, that only lasted one service. The pastor was hollering about money being the root of all evil. The rich man didn’t think the pastor was wrong but he was trying to find happiness, not a guilt trip. At church #3 he found a preacher that said love was the way to happiness. That sounded good so he asked the pastor how to do that. The pastor said that selling all his goods and going to Africa as a missionary was the only way for him to find happiness. The rich man thought about this but decided the hell he would get from his wife and children would not be the way to find love.

He was having a conundrum. He was no better off than when he began his quest. He decided he would take a walk and try to clear his mind and try to figure out what to do. Well, that walk lasted a long time and when he aroused from his thoughts he was in a part of town he had never been before. It had a bad smell about it and trash was everywhere. He wasn’t even sure how to get back to where his car was. It was then that he thought he heard singing. It wasn’t very loud but it sounded very nice. He told himself that to be a brave man and find out where it was coming from. He soon turned a corner and there was a man in rags, at least they looked like rags to him. He was singing to no one in particular but a few others that were dressed similar to him, men and women. They all seemed to like the song and the man. When he was done, 3 got up and gave him a huge hug. The kind of hug that you know that person was showing love and they felt loved. He got up the nerve to walk over to talk to the man that had been singing. When he started to talk the man said he did not want his money but that he could leave a gift at the local shelter. The rich man said he just had a few questions if that was okay. Sure the man said. First, he asked him how he could feel like singing when apparently he had so little. The man said he had all he needed. The rich man then asked why did he seem to be so happy. He said it was Sunday and though the other days should be happy ones Sunday was special. The rich man was very confused. He said he had been to 3 different churches and found no happiness. The man said you went to church but you did not meet my friend. The rich man looked around and said no I did not see any of these people at those churches. The poor man said and you never will. Those churches would not let them in. Then the rich man asked then who is this friend you are talking about? He said it was Jesus. Jesus, the rich man said stunned. How can He be your friend? Because I asked him to be said the poor man. I was once the head of my own company and lived a very rich but unhealthy life. Too much booze and too many women that my wife never knew about did me in. I was audited and owed millions in taxes and to other businesses. I lost my home, cars and of course my wife. Then how can you be happy said the rich man. As I said earlier I found Jesus but not because I was looking but because I had no other place to go. He has given me all I need. A place to stay the night. Enough food to keep me healthy and he has given me salvation and love. The rich man was dumbfounded, he didn’t know what to say or do. He told the poor man about the ad he had taken out. He told him that he should be rewarded and given the money. The poor man said no but thanks. Give it to the shelter they need it more than I do. Then the rich man had a thought he didn’t like. Do I have to give all my money away to find Jesus? The poor man said no you don’t. Ask Jesus to be your friend, Lord, and Savior and He will be for the rest of your days on earth.

The next day he went to the bank and withdrew a large sum of money and he went to the shelter and gave it to them, no strings attached. He told his wife and children that they were selling the house and most of the cars. That they would be in a smaller and more reasonable home. Well, they cried and hollered for a couple of weeks but the rich man did not seem to care. He had a new friend that would be with him at all times.


Are you surprised?

I have yet to see anything Biden has done or says he will as a surprise. Everyone has seen or heard about these things I am going to list. You may have 1 or 2 I didn’t put down you may want to share. I first want to say I will pray for Biden and Harris. Not for their demise but that that they will come to Jesus and hear His voice. That they will give their lives to him. We are to pray and honor all leaders of state. Those even we may not like.

I have heard recently if Christians were to do that always we wouldn’t have rebelled against England. I have one thought on this and others may have better reasons than mine. The big difference is that the Revolutionary War was not ever meant to overthrow the King and topple his throne. It was to get freedom from high taxes and more religious freedom. The pilgrims sailed over here to have freedom in how they could worship God. Under King George, those freedoms were being taken away. If you were not in the Church of England then you were taxed higher and the army could and would harass the other churches. It was a war that needed to be fought.

Here are a few things that Biden has done away with or made mandates to change. First is the taking away of around 11 thousand jobs from Keystone. He said he would create jobs, he said nothing about taking them away. Both Russia and China have said they are looking forward to dealing with Biden. Jobs and goods will be at risk of these “dealings.

With a stroke of a pen, he has made it where boys and men can go into any restroom or dressing room they want. He has made a law that every school in every state will let boys play on girls’ teams. That is from grade school thru college and maybe even the Olympics if the Olympics also follow suit. In the mid-seventies, there was a Constitutional law that was made that said girls were to have the same number of sports and teams as the boys. It said nothing about males being a part of those teams. In every comment section I wrote about this every liberal said that it was fake news. It would never happen. I have had others that any law would be for the protection of the transgenders and homosexuals. I haven’t seen anything that was about protection. It is sin being forced into the schools. I don’t hate anyone. I am not for transgenders or homosexuals being spit on, threatened, or to lose jobs for being who they are. But these groups are pushing for more than jobs or better equality. They want to do away with Christians and Christianity. When they sue a Christian that says no because it goes against their beliefs then they go too far. I am talking about a Christian being forced to bake cakes or provide flowers, or event venues for homosexual weddings. But they should be able to rent a home, buy a car or get almost any job that they are qualified for. I am going to stop here and start another page.

White as Snow

Snow is mentioned around 24 times in the Bible. It is always used to make a point. I try not to put special meanings into anything like rain or snow. Not in my daily life but today I am. I have said this is for me expressing my thoughts so if this means nothing to you then that is okay. I have had a difficult week with the passing of a dear friend. I am not depressed just saddened that he won’t be around to talk and have fun with. But today around noon I decided that this snow was going to clean my soul and that my life wasn’t going to be dragged down and mope all the time. Just as Jesus said this snow made my ugly stained soul white as snow. I will have to make an effort to remember what I have said because I know I will be tested. It was great to see all the happy posts on facebook about the snow. It was truly a nice one. I didn’t see one negative remark. Now it is going to get cold tonight, in the low 20’s. But I don’t have to get up and travel like many of you will. 30 years ago I would have chanced getting out and gone deer hunting. Now my luck of getting one would have been slim but I would have been out.

Since it is the Christmas season I have been trying hard to stay in the spirit of it. Every chance I get I listen to Christmas carols. I do not get tired of them. But I am trying to keep it about the birth of Jesus. There is nothing wrong with the others but I think those are the ones I get tired of hearing. I haven’t started watching the movies yet but I will soon. The one that I will save until Christmas Eve is “Donavan’s Reef. It is very funny and has a good message in it. Besides how can you beat John Wayne and Lee Marvin in a John Ford movie.

This week the electoral college meets and votes. Everyone knows how I stand but I want everyone to understand that whether there was fraud or not is now not the question. It is whether on not we quit the griping, quit worrying about the past, and move on. If we don’t we will be no better than the liberals. I will pray for Biden. That he will let God Guide him and do what is best for our country. That is all we can do. I am not going to gripe for the next 4 years and let it ruin my life. Well, Ben what if he doesn’t let God guide him. Then I will pray that God will step in and make things straight. If God doesn’t, then I will know that we are getting what we deserve. America will have to change or feel the judgment of God. Those verses that talk about the believers getting on their hands and knees and repenting. Well, this might be happening because we didn’t. I include myself. One more thing before I get off this subject. Many have asked why the majority of counties can vote for Trump and lose the state. It is because there are more people living in cities now. If Bentonville were to become, a democrat suporting city like Fayetteville then Arkansas would have a hard time ending up with conservative wins. Yes, they have that many people.

Our church did something I thought was really good for Christmas time. We were handed envelopes and and were asked to give someone we meet a gift that they weren’t expecting. It could be a checkout person, a delivery person or just someone you meet during the day and God prompts you to give them a treat. I got a Braums gift card and gave it away. Think about it. It will make you feel god. Have a great week.


Revival, when is it coming?

I have been a Christian for just over 50 years now. By no means does that make me an expert on anything. But I have seen and heard many things over the years. Some were very good things, things that have come to pass. But I have also seen and heard things that sound and looked great but they have never panned out. 2 things that come to mind is one that a great revival is going to take place in NWA. Now revivals have come and gone and there is nothing wrong with that or that any of them failed in anything. But for me, I still haven’t seen that big revival that was supposed to be here. Now it could come later and that would be great but I have always wondered what it truly meant. I think and I have nothing to back this up, that NWA has grown in people that love Jesus. New churches are springing up every year. But I had the idea that it would be 2 or 3 counties meeting in huge churches or pavilions of some sort. The works of the Holy Spirit being done daily. Now that could be just me and my imagination. Now I hear from different people and different areas of the US, that there is going to be a huge Revival across America. Again it may happen. But what is going to have to happen to make it happen? Right now I can’t see it happening. People are being saved and of course, the Holy Spirit is still working but that has always been going on.
If that big Revival is going to be, there has to be unity. Right now I do not see it. There are too many good people that think politics is in charge of America. That is rubbish. Jesus is in charge until he lets satan take over a nation. That has happened all during history but one of the biggest is Nazi Germany. It has happened in the USA on a smaller scale twice. First is the Civil war, the second is the Great Depression. The Civil War was a shake-up for both sides. Satan had a part in the war and the aftermath. Again he used the north and the south for his works. The so-called Roaring Twenties helped bring in the Great Depression. Billy Sunday and a few others saw it coming but most didn’t care. Now I would like to see stadiums filled and churches filled and miracles happening but we are not there yet. We have 4 years in front of us that will be hard. Many things could happen that is against God. But we can stop it with prayer. I mean prayer not a meme on Facebook. I do not know the future nor am I prophecying what will happen but we are at a crossroad that could lead to great Revival or we could be lead down a road of sin and death. I truly believe this but again it is just my heart and I am not saying God told me this.

Has the world ended? No, it hasn’t. It is still spinning around the sun. Many are very sad and many are very happy. What you do now is totally up to you? You can sit on your hands and cry, or you can gripe and complain about how Trump was cheated. You can gloat on how Biden won and make an ass of yourself, or you could just wipe out years of friendship. The Trump people need to get back to their lives and not keep yelling the sky has fallen. My life does not depend on who the president is. It will not fall apart because Biden may become president. My life has gone from baseball is everything, to basketball is everything and the hawgs have always been everything. But now that has all changed. Jesus is everything. Even before I accepted that He was everything, He was and is everything. What must we all do now? Pray, pray, pray, and pray so more. Satan has many things he would like to do these next 4 years. We must pray for Biden and Congress that they will listen to God. If they do not, we must pray that His will shall come to pass. Those people that you may not be Facebook friends with now, pray for them also and be the person God wants you to be. BEN C sorry about the bold letters. WordPress has changed formats again.


Theocracy one definition and usage in a sentence.

a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.
“his ambition is to lead a worldwide theocracy”.
  I am writing this because it is on my heart. I have not seen anyone of my friends actually say they want this but I have seen it on different sites. They were expressing how the Founding Fathers didn’t go far enough on some things. Such as the Freedom of Religion. I was probably in college when I figured out we were not a Christian country. Yes, we have many Christian ideas and ideals in the Constitution but the country is for all. The Founders did not want a government church nor did they only want one religion over another. That is the way it should be in this country. I have no problem with a cross necklace or a crucifix around a person’s neck. I also don’t care if Muslim women wear a Hibjah. It is a part of their religious dress. It doesn’t hurt my faith at all. Some Christian sects still have women in long dresses and men wearing hats and long sleeves. Does this offend anyone? I don’t think any of you have a true hatred of that. So why the anti-hijab bias. Why do I bring this minor thing up? Because there was a girl denied participating in a volleyball tournament because she was wearing one. Many supposedly Christians were all for it. But how can you disapprove of a hijab and then say a 6th grader should be able to pray. I think they should also but the Freedom of Religion is for everyone. It doesn’t matter what they do in the Middle East or someplace else. We are in very troubling times. But we need to choose our fights and work on the truly important things that will deny us rights.
   Biden and Harris are 2 very important people that should not be in leadership. The Equality Act passed by the Pelosi House is anti-God and religion.
  We have 2 very important things to do. One is vote, don’t gripe if you don’t vote. The other even more important thing to do is pray. That means more than putting a thumbs up on Facebook or sharing a prayer on Facebook. There is nothing wrong with those things but if you don’t have a quiet time those will not shake up hell.  Remember we are not fighting flesh and blood.
  Thanks for reading, please feel free to comment if you want. This was not aimed at any person. I just got the urge to write.     BEN C.

Getting some back bone

It is amazing to me that mayors and governors are letting crime run rampant and they do nothing about it. Either they are scared to death that they will lose a stupid election or they are afraid of offending groups. Either way, they are wrong and should be held accountable.  100 people shot in Chicago this past weekend and a 3-year-old child was killed along with teens and adults. I am sure the police have been advised to stay in their vehicles and don’t confront anyone unless you see a wrong being done. In Seattle where they have that no police zone 2 murders I think have happened, 1 for sure. But the Seattle mayor has yet to do anything about it. It is one thing to hold peaceful rallies around the country it is quite another to just let crime happen and not do anything about it. We are now seeing the beginning of the end of our great country.

There are 2 ways to deal with this, prayer and voting. If you are a liberal friend and you vote democratic for climate change or some other social idea, I can understand that. But when was the last time you heard a liberal talk about those things. I have not seen anything out there on the internet in a long while. If you don’t like Trump for some other issues, that is your right and you are okay to have them. I know you don’t but to support people that are letting crime take place all over the nation is wrong. The leaders need to be booted out and the criminals should be put behind bars. Again I am not talking about peaceful demonstrations, but tearing down statues or defacing them is a crime. Burning, looting, and murder are crimes, that should be dealt with.

Prayer should be something you do every day and not just put a prayer down on FaceBook. There is nothing wrong with that and I have also done that but we cannot let that be our only prayer time. I need to do it more so I am saying this to get some more serious prayers going.

There may be several that disagree with me. I do not hold that against you. There are several that will agree with me and I say thank you but please don’t be complacent but be in prayer and vote in every election.