The End is Near 4th part and last

First let me say a few things about the school shootings in Florida. Everyone won’t agree and I understand that.  First thing is don’t blame the gun for what a deranged person did.  It was not the guns fault or the NRA’s fault he was able to buy that rifle. The Florida FBI failed in their job.  If they had it would not have been sold to Cruz. Though most state do not require checks at gun shows I have never been to one that they didn’t have then. Most vendors do want one.

Second he was deranged, mentally unstable. The school knew this, his care takers knew this. Many at the school were scared of him. But yet it seems that no one was willing to do what was right. Run test and see how bad off he really was.  Third was the deputy allegedly stayed out side several minutes and did nothing but call for back up. Not the rifles fault.

Now some other things others may not agree with. The rifle used was not what is called a bump stock type rifle.  But it was used in Vegas. I see no need for this rifle to be sold to any one. Even for target practice. It may as well be fully automatic which is illegal. Now for magazines. Doesn’t matter to me how large the capacity is.  I have a 22 that you can load in the barrel. I bought in the 70’s. Do you call it an assault rifle. I am not much for firing at a range. I have to save my money but It saves a lot of time to have the larger magazines. That is why they are used and that is why the armed forces uses them.

These weeks most have seen 2nd Timothy 3 on Face book. I have several times. It fits very well with what I have tied to put down in my words.  The Apostle Paul always seems to do a better job. There are a couple of scriptures in chapter 2 that I have found to be a good teaching.  2: 11 to 13

11 Here is a trustworthy saying:

If we died with him,
    we will also live with him;
12 if we endure,
    we will also reign with him.
If we disown him,
    he will also disown us;
13 if we are faithless,
    he remains faithful,
    for he cannot disown himself.

It took me a while to get what verse 12 means. This is my thinking on it. We all will go through things that we hurt over. Job, money, children, spouse or tragedy. I think it is saying we will have those times. Sometimes we will feel like we are alone. But if we love Him and endure such things with Him even when we can’t feel Him present we will have grown and some day we will reign with Him. We all have something in our lives we have gone through and we wonder why. We all think we deserve an answer. I want to say don’t expect to find one.  If you do make sure you are correct. Many things happens and we will never understand the why. The best thing I can give you is this, God still loves us. He is not punishing us. Sin is in the world. In a sin laden world bad things happen that we have no control over. Third is don’t expect an answer from GOD. Best I  can do is look up God’s answer to Job.  Don’t ever disown him.  He may disown you. Your faith may waver but His will not. Well I don’t know if all these parts match or not but they were not always easy to write.  I love ya all and Jesus does too.


The End is Near part 3

I am not sure how many parts this will be so if you plan on reading them bear with me. I could have done it all at once but few if any would have finished it.

Part 2 ended with the liberal revision of history. That the signers of the Constitution were all deist or they hated Christianity.  That is false. The Civil war was fought over slavery. Only a part was true. In 1860 there was no law banning slavery. It was a state issue. When Lincoln became president the Northern Republicans thought they had enough votes to ban slavery. Lincoln wanted to save the Union. If that meant letting the South have slaves a while longer I think he would have gone along with that. But of course it never happened. War broke out and hell was here on our precious land for 4 years.  If you want to know  why many Southern states still hold grudges read what happened during the reconstruction. It was during those years the hated KKK arose. Read about the carpet baggers and dictorial rulers and how many left the South with such a bad taste in their mouths for generations.  But over 150 years is enough. No more fighting old fights.

The next complaint I have against PC liberals is their revisionist ideas of God, Jesus, and the Bible. There are some versions of the Bible from what I have read that no longer have Sodom and Gomorrah in their Bibles. They no longer have all the Mosaic Laws because they don’t like them.  If you want to know what versions, I cannot tell you.  According to the revisionist Jesus did not come to save souls. He came to give us only the Beatitudes. That having money is a sin. That every one gets to go to heaven. I don’t like using the word but that is heresy.  Nothing else fits.  Jesus did not come just to tell us to feed the hungry, to help those in need or to turn the other cheek. Are those things important? Of course they are. But they are not the reason He came to earth. He came to redeem sins. To live a life to show us how to live and His death was to take on our sins so we could have everlasting life.  SINS, that is what He died for. Lust, greed, lying, thievery, adultery, drunkeness.  All are sins. As is homosexuality, being of one gender and then dressing and trying to be another, as is homosexual marriage. There are many more out there and a lot of us have done many of them. God can forgive them all. No matter what you have done it can be forgiven.  God is trying to get me to quit being so mean on the internet.  It is hard for me to do. I read pure garbage and I think I have to comment and take the person on to teach him or her a lesson. That is not my job. I can write my own comment but the need to say something every time is a foolishness on my part.

Those that say abortion is a good thing. I have yet to hear any friend of mine say they are okay with abortion. That means any time all the time. Some people are like that though. They think as parents one or two are enough. A lot of so called feminist are anti child bearing of any kind. I have never met one but on yahoo they do exist. Some say only during the first or second trimester, others it should be any time the women wants. Again my ideas may not align with yours. That is between you and God. If the mother’s life is in danger then I can see it happening. But others cannot tell a parent what is right for them. Recently a mother was told to abort her child. It had a deformation that it would not live long after birth. The mother’s life was at risk also. She died giving birth to that child. The child lived maybe 2 days. She is my hero.

I think one more part will be done. It is mostly to satisfy me and not to scold or preach to any one. Thanks.

The End is Near part 2

We all have our ideas of what is wrong, right, moral and immoral. We may agree on one point and not agree another. As I have said it matters not where you stand on my ideas.  I am not here to change your mind on anything. When I first heard about water boarding and other forms of torture, I was okay with the idea.  It never really changed until I saw the movie ” Zero Dark Thirty”. It was torture and nothing more. Though some may have given details about small terrorist groups not any viable, worth while information, was gained by any of it. Not one piece led to Bin Laden. Now I am sure the CIA  had been doing such things for many years. Maybe as far back as the Korean war.  Vietnam for sure. That is what heathens do. That is what the Nazi SS, did. That is what the communist still do.  Now I am all in for the raid in Pakistan on Bin Laden’s hold up place. I have no qualm about the tactics or any of what was done. The Seal team did their job.

Muslims, I am not scared of them or their religion. I don’t care how much they pray, or where they pray.  Yes I agree most of the terrorism has been done by Muslims. I hope the NSA is listening in to catch the bad ones. I am not sure it has helped much but I doubt if we could ever find out for sure. First thing any one has to know there are several sects of them. I cannot tell you the difference but their are several major differences in all of them. It is one of the reasons the Mid East is so divided. The Saudis, Iraq, Iran will never trust one another. Ever. Most hate the Saudis because they have the wealth and the favor of the USA.  Another thing you have to remember is that is a false religion. It has corrupted the Gospel and the Torah or OT. Allah is not the same god. Their Jesus is not the same Jesus.

I thought about writing about atheist on here but they are such a small minority they are not worth the time to do any thinking on them.

Liberalism,  first I want to say the dictionary may have one definition for the word but there are many versions and types. If you are a friend I really doubt if I have any issues with you even if we disagree on certain things. I truly don’t care if you believe in global warming, think Trump is an idiot or want to tax the upper 1%.  Those are non serious issues to me.  The liberals I get upset with are the politically correct liberal, and the abortion loving type.  First the PC liberals. They are the revisionist from history books to the Bible and morality. A little on all 3. Many liberals want people to think all the signers of the Declaration of Independence  and the Constitution  were deist or non believers. Far from it. Some were Deist, but they believed in God. They had no problems with believers.  That is why we have the Freedom of Religion in the First Amendment. Separation of church and state in not in the Constitution any where. The Supreme Court that used that were wrong. A letter is not a law document.

I am stopping here. I have more to say on this and conservatives and Trump and the USA as a whole. This is not to step on toes or make enemies of good friends. As I have stated many times my friendship out ways differences.


The End is NEAR part one

Have you ever read ” The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”. I saw the movie and I plan on reading the book if the library here has it.  It is one of those huge text. Bigger than my Clancy books.  What I know about the fall of Rome probably every one else had heard or read at sometime or another. The trouble with that type of history is is very hard pin point a date or event that got the ball rolling so to speak. Was it Julius Caesar’s crowning or his assassination.  Maybe it came later when Claudius ruled,or Nero. Surely by Caligula the die was cast. but still it lasted over 200 years more.  My point in this is the USA my be spiraling at a faster rate than Rome did. I am not saying it will end next year or ten years from now but we are being pushed faster and faster into a garbage dump. Well you may ask when did all this start Ben? I am still working on that but to be truthful it may have started before the Civil war. I am proud overall what we have accomplished as a nation. This blog is not to run down the USA.  I grew up in an age until my junior or senior year almost every thing I read about the USA was all good things. It wasn’t until this age that I began to hear about some of the awful things that happened. I had read about Lewis and Clark, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett and the Alamo. But then I started to hear about the Cherokee Trail of Tears. The corruption of Andrew Jackson.  I knew slavery was here but I had never heard the tales about what it actually involved. The Civil War was and is the black eye of American history. It was more than just slavery that caused the civil war. It was more than states rights. It was greed, lust for power, lust for power to be kept. The shame, horror, cruelty of both sides still is a thorn in many people today. Now I could  give a history lesson with Ben’s version But I will try not too. Mine is biased also.

Let me talk about today. This is my version and if you disagree a lot or just some, is okay. You have that right.

We are fighting a spiritual battle. It has always been a spiritual battle. The Cherokee Trail  and the Civil War were spiritual battles.  They were done because power corrupts and greed is a lust many people have and no Christ in their hearts leads to murder, rape, and thievery. Every time.

In the last 18 years many things have happened to shape the world and the US to where it is today. It did not begin with 9-11 but it was a point in history where many things have been hurried. Some out of fear, the unknown, different cultures, and a very false sense that we have to allow bad things to become good. First fear, President did many things after 9-11. Some were very prudent others were done out of pure fear.  We needed to go after Bin Laden. That meant going to war in Afghanistan and areas around that. I don’t think we had to go after Hussein. Trump senior should have got him but it was a waste in my eyes to make war with that nobody the second time. Bush then decided every one should be watched and closely looked after. Now he had list that he would keep track of but he wanted no one to slip by. As we all know it hasn’t worked. I am going to stop here and continue in a day or 2. I will probably shock a few but again this is not to change any ones mind. Just me expressing my thoughts.


Appeasement according to Webster this is what it means.




the policy of acceding to the demands of potentially hostile nation in the hope of maintaining peace

the act of appeasing
  I just got through seeing ” THE DARKEST HOUR”. I promise not to ruin the movie for you. It was a very good movie.
  History says that Chamberlain did not want war. He wanted peace. A very noble goal and cause. England, most of Europe and the US had just lost millions of young men to a tragic war. A whole generation was almost completely wiped out.  Chamberlain did not want war. Germany had taken Austria, Czechoslovakia, without firing a shot. Next he wanted Poland. After Hitler attacked Poland then France and England both declared war on Germany. I guess you can look up what went on if you don’t know but I wanted to lay a back ground. France nor England were prepared for war. Neither had the men or equipment to do that. But they put up a futile attempt at fighting Germany who had 10 years to prepare for war. Once Belgium and Holland fell France was lost. It only took a few months to find out they could not win. You can look up Dunkirk and see why it happened and what was done there. Again you may know more than I do.
  Before France fell, Chamberlain and a man named Halifax always thought Hitler was a man of his word so they wanted to appease Hitler. Let him have the mainland, but let England alone.  Since this is all hindsight and history for us, we understand that Hitler was a monster that could not be trusted about anything. Chamberlain was still thinking pre WW 1 years when kings and gentlemen gave their words and could be trusted to keep those words. Chamberlain wanted peace. Churchill took Chamberlains place. Now I just figured out if I went on I would be giving away the main plot of the movie so I will stop that line of thought and go back to the title.
 Appeasement, I think we have all done it at one time or another. Maybe to a child of ours or even our spouse or a good friend.  If you are like me I never liked it. If you are right, feelings of some one would probably be hurt and if you were wrong then you wonder about all your judgments and ideas.   The politically Correct churches today are appeasers. They see the idea of God as being an appeaser. Nothing could be further from the truth. Is being good going to get  a person into heaven? Is giving to the poor and needy going to get you into heaven? If you think yes then you need to read the 4 Gospels again. Jesus did say blessed are the poor, the righteous and so on.He said we do need to feed the poor and help the needy. But He did not say that would save your soul. Giving money to a church will not save your soul,sitting in a pew from childhood to old age will not save your soul. Do we try to appease God? Do we say if you do this then I will do that? God does not want appeasement. You cannot bargain with him. What He wants is you and all of you.
  To be saved is to be convicted of your sins. Know that you are a sinner. Ask for forgiveness of those sins. Ask Him to be your Savior. Repent of your sins. Once you have done that is everything going to be perfect? Are you going to be perfect, no,no, no, no. But we can start being the way Christ wants us to be. We can start living for Him and not ourselves and or satan.
  Sorry but again I felt the need to put theses things down if only for myself. I am not writing to or about any one person.
   Ben C

End of year stuff.

This is past due.  I have been wanting to write something worth while but have failed in gathering my thoughts. Maybe it shouldn’t make a difference. This is for me to get things down “I”  feel important. I just share those things for you to read  and know more about me. I am not here to change any one or point fingers at any one person.

This past year I have seen more distrust and anxiety plus hatred than any other time since I have been on the internet. Most has to do with President Trump in office. I was never a fan of Obama but the hatred against Trump is amazing. Now I have said in the past that he was never the one I wanted as the Republican candidate. But he was and I voted for him.For the most part he has done a decent job. But is more than just him. Christians are being hated and they have done nothing different than they have done for the last 60 years.  So called politically correct [pc] churches are coming into being. Trying to sway people in by letting church be a social club. Where any one can join. They have no rules or regulations to go by.  Ever since I could read I have read about churches being social clubs. Not making any difference in peoples lives. But now too many are dropping the scriptures and adding their own rules to salvation. Such as you don’t have to accept Jesus as Savior. You don’t have to repent of anything.  What is being done is heresy. But if you say they are then you are a hater and a bigot. While they are sending people to hell.   Time to stop.  Not sure if I will ad anything or not but I do want to share what may unfold in 2018. Not a prophecy just my ideas.   Ben

Why are we scared of the unknown.

It is 2:30 on a Saturday morning. Yes I should have been asleep hours ago. But the last 45 minutes I have read about a junior high that had threats made against a speaker they wanted for a class. It was a world religion class. The speaker was to be a Muslim.  Some one made death threats against him and the teacher.  Every one of you know my Christian faith and I am not shy about telling others about it. Of course I have no idea who made the threats. It was an Ohio school I think and they cancelled the speaker. What I am mad about was it some scared to death Christian that did this. I hope it was an atheist or an aryan  thug. But from the comments I am not sure. Why as Christians are we scared of another religion? I am not saying embrace it as good as Christianity but why be scared to let a person talk about how he lives. I remember Mr. Riggs bringing in 2 Buddhist to class one time. No one got converted then.

Is it any wonder why college students have to have safe houses or are afraid to hear another person’s view. 45 minutes he would have talked. Not about making bombs or trying to sway any one to their side. Are we that ignorant or lacking of our faith and our children’s faith that we can’t hear others views. WWJD. What would Jesus do. He wouldn’t make bomb threats or not let the person speak. He would ask deep thoughtful questions and He wouldn’t be rude.  Sorry I am about to go crazy forcing myself awake.  Time for bed.


BEN C.   comments welcome.