July, vacation and other small things.

Well the dog days are beginning. It is hot sometimes. Very hot. Above 95 and high humidity. I know I don’t need to explain any of that.  We all complain about it when we have to go out in it. But you know these past several years in Siloam  they haven’t been nearly as hot or as dry as they could have been. I haven’t a clue how long but at least 5 or 6 years. Enough rain to to keep every thing green all summer. Mowing in August, green grass the first of September. Now things could later this week and it might be dry the rest of the summer. I am not predicting anything. I remember a lot of summers that by the 4th of July was here the grass was dead or watered. Several times the fire works were cancelled. Now since 1980 there have been several dry spells. But I remember 1980 as the worst drought I have ever been through. I was in Russellville. It quit in May and we did not get an inch of rain at one time until September. The heat broke the second week of September, we could breathe again, but it didn’t rain until almost October.  Mt. Nebo almost burned in July of that year. It took a lot of brave fire fighters from letting the whole mountain go up in flames.

My vacation will not happen until the end of this month. I am going back to Duluth to fish and stay cool for a week.  I am not going to say take it easy because I do a lot of that year round. Will be nice to see Jerry and Roxie Kaldor. I hope to catch several walleye and small mouth bass. Great eating. I can’t say Duluth is a pretty city but it does have a charm about it. A lot of turn of the century homes. Most with no air conditioning. Most of the time they do not need it but it does get hot for a few days some times. I am going to drive straight through. A 13 hour drive. On the way back I hope to see my friend Tristan Shelly in Sioux Falls S.D. Not real far out of the way.

Going to end here. Take care and stay cool.  Ben C.


Omaha Hawgs and other minor things in life.

I am very happy for the Hog Baseball team. I have tried to follow them but I really didn’t do a good job. I listen either on the radio or on tune in. The main announcer is a pain sometimes. Just not my type of broadcaster. He has trouble getting the names of the local towns correct. He is from Little Rock. I do like Bubba but I get tired of his anecdotes from his playing days. Gets in the way of the game play by play. No they are not horrible. there are worse college broadcasters out there in the SEC. I just hope ESPN lets the network do the games.

I have a hard time when any one I want to win does poorly. Hogs Cowboys, Cardinals. If they do bad enough I will quit watching or listening. I just can’t take it.

Same goes for a movie. Whether I an home or at a theater. If I know or think a scene is coming I don.t want to watch I will close my eyes. When I am alone I will put my hands over my ears. That is why I don’t watch movies like Saving Private Ryan, or Hacksaw Ridge. Both are good movies. Both are to violent for me. Now go ahead and watch but if there is blood and guts with body parts going to pieces count me out.

My church had their annual missions fest this past weekend. Again it was great to hear from all of them. This year we heard more about the hard times they have had. The struggles. Either with the governments they live in or with other people. Sometimes other missionaries. I don’t think I have ever wanted to be one at any time. To hear the stories it would be over my head. But yet not one of them are quitting or even thinking about it. God told them to go and He hasn’t said quit yet.  But we are all have a commission from Jesus to spread the good news. We are all missionaries in some form or fashion Or should be. My little church has also been showing us how to be disciples to others. Meaning we are to not just bring some one to Christ but show them the steps of how to grow in Christ. I haven’t really done that in years.

Getting late. I ope everyone has a good week and month.

CBI65 PRT.2.

Well I thought I should at least attempt to finish this but I know my life story will put most of you to sleep. It would me.

I want to finish a couple of things about high school. I made a quite a few friends while in school. I try very hard to tell them all they are special to me.  I may not agree on everything you do but that will not hinder my friendship with you. I won’t tell on here who were my wanna be girl friends. I would never embarrass you in such a way. But everyone of you still have a special place for you.

I was manager for all sports and all grades. That is one of the reasons I know so many of you. Whether it be the class of 69 or 78.

One friend I made was Charlie Mike Nall. He put up with me a lot. One  thing I learned fast from Mike was be honest. If you are a liar he could care less about you. He could spot one pretty fast.  We were friends in high school and have been since. We are probably closer now than then.  I will not say I am his closest or best friend but he is mine. I have only had 6 really close friends. 3 from school and 2 from college.  One now in Siloam. I think if any one has that many then they have been blessed. We all have people we like to see and do things with. Those special ones just seeing them and talking is a great thing to do.

Well That had better end this. I saw the Movie “Solo” tonight with my senior discount. It was okay. I liked it. That is all I will say about it.  Good Night.


June 4th is my birthday. CBI65. Can’t believe I am 65. Well I am. Nothing I can do about it. What I won’t do is cry or feel sad about my life. It has been a very good one. Oh sure I have had my downs and even a few pits I had to climb out of but I did with the help of my friends, family, and of course Jesus. No I won’t bore you with any of the details. I don’t want to bore myself.

There have many good things happen to me. Playing baseball from age 8 to 15 summer league in PG. Boy Scouts 11 to 16.  Camp Orr. Camporees. Having friends like Carrol Hudson all through grade school and all the grades. Spending the night at his home, milking a cow [ trying to milk a cow] using an outhouse for the first time. Drink sulfur well water, and having Chocolate gravy and biscuits for supper.

I liked every teacher I had in Grade school. I guess Mrs Hilton was my favorite.  I went to a school in Fayetteville for a year and a half in junior high.  It was very hard for a while to adjust but I did make a good friend in Gary Greer.  We had many a good caper there.  He died in an auto accident in the mid 70’s. High school for me was up and down. I was a very mediocre student. Mainly because I never studied. I was a C student. The highs for me were ball games. Any sport. I was the team manager. Another word for gopher. Coach Staggs and coach Jones over looked the stupid things I did but would praise me for when I did really good. I loved basketball but I was pretty bad at it. Didn’t ever play much. I knew why also. I stunk at it. I guess the team I enjoyed most was my sophomore year. I enjoyed the seniors and they were good. When we lost in the district finals I was the one that cried. The most exciting game was beating Cedarville in the Semis finals. We were the under dogs. They had Russ Workman who scored all but 2 of there 49 points. We made 50 on a Gerald Loman last second lay up.

Well this will have to be in at least 2 parts.  Comment if you wish. Good or bad. Thanks for reading.

Mish Mash.

This has been an odd 2 months for me when it comes to my blog. I have topics pop into my head but they never quite seem like the right things to say at the time. I have been inspired, saddened, felt guilty, happy, and really angry. I feel inspired whenever I see or hear of some one over coming major obstacles in their lives.  Whether it was physical, spiritual, handicaps, just the unknown. It may be on Face book or a movie, or a story a friend told me. Then I sometimes start feeling guilty because it seems I haven’t been an over comer. But you know that is a lie of the enemy that is trying to steal my joy. I have over come many things.  Large things and the not so large. Sometimes with great effort and others fumbling along. But they are done. Now I hope I don’t have to say this to you that read this but it was the the Lord many times that has come to my aid when those times got extra hard and he lets me enjoy the easy ones. He is always on my side. I have seen physical ailments taken cared for. I have seen people that were depressed, and heart broken get restored and enjoy life again.  One of my problems I have had is being over weight. At one time it was fairly easy for me to lose weight. I would walk for an hour at a time every other day. Burning calories. But now I have a back that won’t let me do that. I was really getting heavy and my blood pressure has been quite high at times. The diet I took on is a protein diet. Not Atkins but my own. Beef chicken, pork and fish. All I want. I also eat frozen and fresh vegetables. As long as they are low on carbs. It is really amazing what has carbs, fiber, or sodium in them. Almost every restaurant you may choose puts too much fat and sodium in  or on your food.  No I am not telling you to swear off eating out. I am saying maybe before you go look up the nutritional contents of the menu. You may be very surprised. I found out at MacD’s they have a salad with 9 carbs but it has over 500 mgs of  sodium. Twice of what anyone needs at a meal. I got the Big Mac instead. Not near as many carbs as I thought it would have. I stayed away from the fries though.  I have lost 21 pounds in about 2 months. I want to lose 30 more.

On face book, I like you, can find something or some one to laugh at. I don’t like to see people do stupid things and then hurt themselves. I also think any time you make your pet you doll that you miss then that is not funny to me. Putting socks on a cat, dog or a chicken is cruel.

Well to not to make this too large I am cutting this short. I will finish it soon.

The End is Near 4th part and last

First let me say a few things about the school shootings in Florida. Everyone won’t agree and I understand that.  First thing is don’t blame the gun for what a deranged person did.  It was not the guns fault or the NRA’s fault he was able to buy that rifle. The Florida FBI failed in their job.  If they had it would not have been sold to Cruz. Though most state do not require checks at gun shows I have never been to one that they didn’t have then. Most vendors do want one.

Second he was deranged, mentally unstable. The school knew this, his care takers knew this. Many at the school were scared of him. But yet it seems that no one was willing to do what was right. Run test and see how bad off he really was.  Third was the deputy allegedly stayed out side several minutes and did nothing but call for back up. Not the rifles fault.

Now some other things others may not agree with. The rifle used was not what is called a bump stock type rifle.  But it was used in Vegas. I see no need for this rifle to be sold to any one. Even for target practice. It may as well be fully automatic which is illegal. Now for magazines. Doesn’t matter to me how large the capacity is.  I have a 22 that you can load in the barrel. I bought in the 70’s. Do you call it an assault rifle. I am not much for firing at a range. I have to save my money but It saves a lot of time to have the larger magazines. That is why they are used and that is why the armed forces uses them.

These weeks most have seen 2nd Timothy 3 on Face book. I have several times. It fits very well with what I have tied to put down in my words.  The Apostle Paul always seems to do a better job. There are a couple of scriptures in chapter 2 that I have found to be a good teaching.  2: 11 to 13

11 Here is a trustworthy saying:

If we died with him,
    we will also live with him;
12 if we endure,
    we will also reign with him.
If we disown him,
    he will also disown us;
13 if we are faithless,
    he remains faithful,
    for he cannot disown himself.

It took me a while to get what verse 12 means. This is my thinking on it. We all will go through things that we hurt over. Job, money, children, spouse or tragedy. I think it is saying we will have those times. Sometimes we will feel like we are alone. But if we love Him and endure such things with Him even when we can’t feel Him present we will have grown and some day we will reign with Him. We all have something in our lives we have gone through and we wonder why. We all think we deserve an answer. I want to say don’t expect to find one.  If you do make sure you are correct. Many things happens and we will never understand the why. The best thing I can give you is this, God still loves us. He is not punishing us. Sin is in the world. In a sin laden world bad things happen that we have no control over. Third is don’t expect an answer from GOD. Best I  can do is look up God’s answer to Job.  Don’t ever disown him.  He may disown you. Your faith may waver but His will not. Well I don’t know if all these parts match or not but they were not always easy to write.  I love ya all and Jesus does too.

The End is Near part 3

I am not sure how many parts this will be so if you plan on reading them bear with me. I could have done it all at once but few if any would have finished it.

Part 2 ended with the liberal revision of history. That the signers of the Constitution were all deist or they hated Christianity.  That is false. The Civil war was fought over slavery. Only a part was true. In 1860 there was no law banning slavery. It was a state issue. When Lincoln became president the Northern Republicans thought they had enough votes to ban slavery. Lincoln wanted to save the Union. If that meant letting the South have slaves a while longer I think he would have gone along with that. But of course it never happened. War broke out and hell was here on our precious land for 4 years.  If you want to know  why many Southern states still hold grudges read what happened during the reconstruction. It was during those years the hated KKK arose. Read about the carpet baggers and dictorial rulers and how many left the South with such a bad taste in their mouths for generations.  But over 150 years is enough. No more fighting old fights.

The next complaint I have against PC liberals is their revisionist ideas of God, Jesus, and the Bible. There are some versions of the Bible from what I have read that no longer have Sodom and Gomorrah in their Bibles. They no longer have all the Mosaic Laws because they don’t like them.  If you want to know what versions, I cannot tell you.  According to the revisionist Jesus did not come to save souls. He came to give us only the Beatitudes. That having money is a sin. That every one gets to go to heaven. I don’t like using the word but that is heresy.  Nothing else fits.  Jesus did not come just to tell us to feed the hungry, to help those in need or to turn the other cheek. Are those things important? Of course they are. But they are not the reason He came to earth. He came to redeem sins. To live a life to show us how to live and His death was to take on our sins so we could have everlasting life.  SINS, that is what He died for. Lust, greed, lying, thievery, adultery, drunkeness.  All are sins. As is homosexuality, being of one gender and then dressing and trying to be another, as is homosexual marriage. There are many more out there and a lot of us have done many of them. God can forgive them all. No matter what you have done it can be forgiven.  God is trying to get me to quit being so mean on the internet.  It is hard for me to do. I read pure garbage and I think I have to comment and take the person on to teach him or her a lesson. That is not my job. I can write my own comment but the need to say something every time is a foolishness on my part.

Those that say abortion is a good thing. I have yet to hear any friend of mine say they are okay with abortion. That means any time all the time. Some people are like that though. They think as parents one or two are enough. A lot of so called feminist are anti child bearing of any kind. I have never met one but on yahoo they do exist. Some say only during the first or second trimester, others it should be any time the women wants. Again my ideas may not align with yours. That is between you and God. If the mother’s life is in danger then I can see it happening. But others cannot tell a parent what is right for them. Recently a mother was told to abort her child. It had a deformation that it would not live long after birth. The mother’s life was at risk also. She died giving birth to that child. The child lived maybe 2 days. She is my hero.

I think one more part will be done. It is mostly to satisfy me and not to scold or preach to any one. Thanks.