The Fun And Heartache Is Back NCAA Basketball.

Well did you fill out a bracket. Have you thrown it away yet. I made one for Yahoo Sports and pretty well got dumped Thursday night. Since the Hogs aren’t playing I don’t really care who wins. An under dog would be nice but they almost always lose the second game. If they win that I really get loud cheering for them but I don’t ever remember a true under dog that has won the championship game. Feel free to let me know if I have forgotten one. I have picked Gonzaga the last 3 years. I have quit them and picking Louisville. No reason just hoping to be on winning side. I was able to watch Fridays games at my friends Dale and Sheryl Cox. After a good meal we watched TVR games. Best way to watch. I get tired of Barkley and his buds on all the stations. Same old commercials on all the stations though the AT&T with the kids are cute.
I was asked why I wanted to do this, well I guess I have too much time on my hands and this feels some what constructive. Maybe therapy.
Sunday is Palm Sunday. Sunday’s are always the best day of the week. I get to fellowship with some truly wonderful people and the worship is always great. Sunday Evening the small group I am in will be having a dinner. It will be the last group meeting because we are starting ministry classes in April. More on those later. We really had a nice group.1 high school age boy and 2 college girls. 3 families and me. I am the eldest, not sure about wisest. It will be missed.
Please feel free to comment. I can take it.


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