I have been trying all week to come up with something new for this time of year and really haven’t had much luck. We all have heard the message and hopefully taken it at heart. So I will not retell that wonderful story. Growing up in Prairie Grove and going to the Methodist church was one of the best things that could ever happen to me. Putting on a new white shirt and a new pair of shoes for church. Seeing all the young girls and their moms all decked out in new dresses and hats. Hats for Easter was really a big deal then. OF course times have changed. Styles have come and gone and for the most part traditions. We always had all the family over for dinner. Baked ham, rolls, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. Ah the good ole days.
I always debate whether to go back to PG UMC or not for Resurrection Sunday. It is always a good time to see old friends but since the church is in a new building it isn’t quite the same. OutReach where I go now in Siloam always has a good service and Dave really puts his all into the teaching that day. Dinner will be no problem because I will have eaten at Don and Leola’s Saturday with their family. All the nice things will be on the table.
I am watching The Fellowship of the Ring for the upteenth time. My spell check says that isn’t a word but you know what I mean. The best line for me in this movie is by Gandalf. It is at the bridge in the mine of Moria. He tells the Balrog ” You shall not pass!” Well the Balrog hooks Gandalf as he is falling into the abyss and takes him also. That means a lot to me because I like to use it against the evil one when he tries to get me. I have Jesus as my Lord and when I need Him, He is there. He shall not pass. The reason I and you can do that is today Good Friday when they nailed Him to the cross and Resurrection
Sunday. HE HAS RISEN. HE HAS RISEN INDEED. God Bless you .


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