Has Spring Sprung a Leak

Like most people I love the spring time. The new grass and leaves on the trees. The flowers blooming giving us even more color. It puts people in a good mood for the most part. I never count March as spring. It is just a warmer winter month. Too many late snows and freezing days to truly count as spring. This April seems different to me. For me a warm spring day is above 60, Sweater or sweat shirt only days. This month maybe half the days have been below 60 for a high. I haven’t officially been counting so it may not be exact but I am close to being right. Rainy days don’t count because you expect rain this month and we need it. Some places still recovering from the drought from last year. As I put down in an earlier blog it even snowed on me in the Panhandle of Texas. Today is the 26th and is chilly. 55 maybe as a high. The next few days should be warm. That is very good for Siloam Springs because this weekend is the Dogwood Festival.
Last night I was watching a local TV station weather and the weatherman said there might be a cold snap coming up. A computer distant forecast thing that hopefully won’t happen. I have never seen snow in May and hopefully I won’t.
Took my daughter Hannah to a Naturals game this past Sunday. Great weather that day and we had a great time. They had Mickey Evans at the game. He wrote and produced the movie ” The Sandlot”. I had my DVD signed. My kids gave me the Sandlot VHS as a birthday present several years ago. I watch it every year on that date. The poor Naturals lost the game. They are really struggling this year. I will continue to go on good weather days and nights. Must be above 60 though.
Working in my head a serious blog soon but haven’t got all my thoughts connected yet. I know everyone can’t wait for that[ satire ]. May God bless you all Ben C.



The Senate had its vote on gun control and it is dead. May it never come up again. I am not a member of the NRA and don’t look at its list of representatives who vote for all the things they want. My problem is that if we take away that right given to us by our founding Fathers what others will be taken away. Religion will be the next try I am sure if we the people let it. Right now we can still vote and must vote what is good for the whole. I try to use my Christian values on topics and who is closest to them. Abortion is the top priority for me. If the candidate is for that then I will not vote for that person. Second is the debt the nation is in. I am not much on economics but if you spend more than you bring in you will not reduce any debt. That is the biggest gripe I have with the current administration it has no solutions for our debt. I really don’t care how much they tax the ultra rich but it won’t be enough to cure our ills as a nation. I do get upset when President Obama wants to give the people that are on Social Security minor raises [ not enough to keep up with inflation] but does not reduce his or the Congresses. If social security must be dealt with why not take it away from the people that don’t need it. If a person has put away a million dollars why would that person need SS or medicare but they continue to receive and use it.
Right now I won’t say anything on the Boston bombing except to say I am glad they caught the last guy alive. I would hate to hear more stupid theories on how someone caused it that is pure stupidity. The ones like Bush or Israel caused 911.
NBA play offs are here and boring as ever. I am pulling for the Spurs just because they are never on TV. Tim Duncan is still a great player. Yes he is still playing though you never here about such a good man on the sport shows. If you want to watch exciting TV then watch the NHL hockey play offs. Excitement all the time. Well my left hand is getting tired so that is it for now. See you soon, Feel free to comment on anything. I can take it.

Vacation and being Political

Well it time to post again. I am over my stomach sickness and feeling pretty good. 2 days of warm weather is not enough for April. Last Tuesday at Midnight it was 72 here.Wednesday morning at 8:30 it was 45 and dropping. I Face Booked my Cousin Karen and she had snow and 17 degrees in Aurora Colorado. So it could be worse.
I booked a trip to Redding Ca.for the second week in June. I plan on visiting Bethel Church that I like on the internet and hoping to see Bill Johnson and Joaquin Evans. Bill is the main pastor and Joaquin is the head of the healing rooms. It should be a good trip.
I like planning vacations it gives me something to look forward to. In July I am going back to Duluth Mn. to see my friends Jerry and Roxie Kaldor. It was on a trip up there, on a fishing trip to the backwaters where that pic of me was taken. The leeches bite and hurt. But they do catch walleye and small mouth bass. Both are good eating.
I haven’t written anything political yet but I think it is time. Gun control and the debt are my biggest concerns. The debt is a lot bigger issue but apparently not to our President. His so called budget is a joke. He wants to make more taxes and he says they are for the rich but everybody’s was raised not too long ago. He also has some liberals mad at him for the chained API increases for SS. Instead of keeping up with inflation increases will be only 3 to 5 %. There are many ways to cut spending without hurting those on a fixed budget. Cut out the Endowment for the Arts, PBS, cut the waste at the top for USDA. Cuts will always affect some one but some will do little harm to most pocket books.
Gun control only gets me riled up because if you take one right away, one that affects several million people then Congress or the president may take others away. Do you want free speech or religion to be taken away. Both are being skirted around now. If either of those go then voting will be next. I only own one semi automatic and it is an old 22. I can’t hit the broadside of a barn with it but I should be able to use it when I want. I vote no on any and all gun control. I do email my senators also so they know about things.
Take care and may God Bless.

Good Week Bad Saturday

I woke up this morning at 5:45, very not feeling good. Cramps, gas, and the D word. Crackers and lemon lime soda today. Reason for the quick illness, bad tuna. Well it smelled and tasted good. Lesson learned.
This past Monday I traveled to Perryton TX. to visit a cousin and her family. She baby sat me when I was little so she has always been special. Her name is Donna and her daughter is DieuDona. I got to meet all the grand children. I think they were sizing me up pretty good to see what kind of person I am. By the time I left on Thursday we were all good terms. There was great grand children 10 and under also. They kept me on my toes. Mostly stayed around the house and chatted. Wednesday we did go to Amarillo, it snowed on us going over there. Out in the Panhandle of Texas and Oklahoma a 2 hour trip to see the doctor or go to a movie is nothing.
If you plan a trip out west on 412 then the going is easy. Tulsa is done with all the construction and from Siloam Springs to Enid Ok. the only stops are at turnpike tolls.

Still picking Louisville to win tonight and Monday. I just think they are the best. Time will tell.