Good Week Bad Saturday

I woke up this morning at 5:45, very not feeling good. Cramps, gas, and the D word. Crackers and lemon lime soda today. Reason for the quick illness, bad tuna. Well it smelled and tasted good. Lesson learned.
This past Monday I traveled to Perryton TX. to visit a cousin and her family. She baby sat me when I was little so she has always been special. Her name is Donna and her daughter is DieuDona. I got to meet all the grand children. I think they were sizing me up pretty good to see what kind of person I am. By the time I left on Thursday we were all good terms. There was great grand children 10 and under also. They kept me on my toes. Mostly stayed around the house and chatted. Wednesday we did go to Amarillo, it snowed on us going over there. Out in the Panhandle of Texas and Oklahoma a 2 hour trip to see the doctor or go to a movie is nothing.
If you plan a trip out west on 412 then the going is easy. Tulsa is done with all the construction and from Siloam Springs to Enid Ok. the only stops are at turnpike tolls.

Still picking Louisville to win tonight and Monday. I just think they are the best. Time will tell.


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