The Senate had its vote on gun control and it is dead. May it never come up again. I am not a member of the NRA and don’t look at its list of representatives who vote for all the things they want. My problem is that if we take away that right given to us by our founding Fathers what others will be taken away. Religion will be the next try I am sure if we the people let it. Right now we can still vote and must vote what is good for the whole. I try to use my Christian values on topics and who is closest to them. Abortion is the top priority for me. If the candidate is for that then I will not vote for that person. Second is the debt the nation is in. I am not much on economics but if you spend more than you bring in you will not reduce any debt. That is the biggest gripe I have with the current administration it has no solutions for our debt. I really don’t care how much they tax the ultra rich but it won’t be enough to cure our ills as a nation. I do get upset when President Obama wants to give the people that are on Social Security minor raises [ not enough to keep up with inflation] but does not reduce his or the Congresses. If social security must be dealt with why not take it away from the people that don’t need it. If a person has put away a million dollars why would that person need SS or medicare but they continue to receive and use it.
Right now I won’t say anything on the Boston bombing except to say I am glad they caught the last guy alive. I would hate to hear more stupid theories on how someone caused it that is pure stupidity. The ones like Bush or Israel caused 911.
NBA play offs are here and boring as ever. I am pulling for the Spurs just because they are never on TV. Tim Duncan is still a great player. Yes he is still playing though you never here about such a good man on the sport shows. If you want to watch exciting TV then watch the NHL hockey play offs. Excitement all the time. Well my left hand is getting tired so that is it for now. See you soon, Feel free to comment on anything. I can take it.


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