Has Spring Sprung a Leak

Like most people I love the spring time. The new grass and leaves on the trees. The flowers blooming giving us even more color. It puts people in a good mood for the most part. I never count March as spring. It is just a warmer winter month. Too many late snows and freezing days to truly count as spring. This April seems different to me. For me a warm spring day is above 60, Sweater or sweat shirt only days. This month maybe half the days have been below 60 for a high. I haven’t officially been counting so it may not be exact but I am close to being right. Rainy days don’t count because you expect rain this month and we need it. Some places still recovering from the drought from last year. As I put down in an earlier blog it even snowed on me in the Panhandle of Texas. Today is the 26th and is chilly. 55 maybe as a high. The next few days should be warm. That is very good for Siloam Springs because this weekend is the Dogwood Festival.
Last night I was watching a local TV station weather and the weatherman said there might be a cold snap coming up. A computer distant forecast thing that hopefully won’t happen. I have never seen snow in May and hopefully I won’t.
Took my daughter Hannah to a Naturals game this past Sunday. Great weather that day and we had a great time. They had Mickey Evans at the game. He wrote and produced the movie ” The Sandlot”. I had my DVD signed. My kids gave me the Sandlot VHS as a birthday present several years ago. I watch it every year on that date. The poor Naturals lost the game. They are really struggling this year. I will continue to go on good weather days and nights. Must be above 60 though.
Working in my head a serious blog soon but haven’t got all my thoughts connected yet. I know everyone can’t wait for that[ satire ]. May God bless you all Ben C.


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