Preaching to the Choir Part 2

My last blog talked about comments on articles on the net. How some are rude and not very smart. The worst on here are the racist and the bigots. They might be anti-Jewish, blacks, Muslims, any one different from who they are. What is sad a lot of these people will use the name of Christ or the word Christian in their comment. Most are really outrageous in their beliefs and attitudes toward others. I had one person last week say that since Christ died for all there was no sin. Everyone was saved, or at least that is what I got out of it. He said he could watch porn or a homosexual could live that way and still be saved. I posted some scriptures that told him he was wrong but I am not sure it got through.
I am not on here expecting to lead any one to Jesus. I try to put out the truth as I see it and let it go from there.
Next has to be the articles themselves. Though I have no facts to back this up articles on Yahoo will be almost 3 to 1 liberal over conservative. It wouldn’t be so bad but they are almost the same thing written in all the articles. If they print a conservative and they do, usually the headline is biased or tilted in a mean way. I can usually hold my own in these post. Science I have said last time is not always my forte. But if I feel an anti-God theme in the article or a post then I will put my 2 cents in. What disturbs me most is that people don’t believe science and the Bible or faith can coexist. Sometimes I get that from Christians posting also. It is truly sad.
Next and final I will put down along this subject is Israel and the Jews. Some real haters out on our planet. Most what I find are just the haters of Israel and Jews. They don’t have to have done anything but be themselves and they are hated. Some try to put reasons for their hate. Israel has stolen land from the Palestinians, Israel should have never have been granted a state, the anti-christ will come from Israel. The Jews there now are not the same ones that left 2 thousand years ago. What is the most disturbing is when someone will use a Christian moniker or try to use scriptures why they should be wiped off the planet. Muslims, aryans, nazis, and people who are scared of them and blame them for everything wrong on the planet, banking, Bush, Obama, price of gas.
If you can handle it try looking at an article about anything in yahoo then read the comments. You may be surprised at what people write.
Well I am done for today I hope this is giving you an insight into I am and not reasons to read or not read articles. Jesus is Lord. Ben C.



This is going to be a hit and miss blog. What I mean is I am going to write on several topics,[ some I may have touched on before] others I may have to come back for. If I don’t hit on a topic you like or dislike today give me time. I have many in my heart to share.
A very large topic is the internet. Maybe too big for one blog but here goes. First don’t believe everything you see or read on the net. Shocker. Even if it is what you hope is right or you have seen the same thing spread on Face book or emails from people you trust check it out before you post it or send it on. Use Snopes or fast check. Both are good at finding out the truth or facts on something. I don’t use them enough myself. I have sent several thing that had no basis in fact. Oh well. Google it self is a good check but may not always have the answer you are seeking. Even on my comments on articles in Yahoo If I find what I hope is right is wrong then I put down I was wrong. Most people will say thanks and will listen to my next rebuttal. If I am right then I will ask people to check out the article I read.
Two, commenters themselves. There are several types of people that comment on articles. I will put down the ones I dislike first. The people that curse, they think they have a great comment or rebuttal but all they do is end up with an unreadable gibberish. I have never fully understood why they would like to share filth and expect people to say yes you have a great point. These can be all ages and male or female. They show up on all articles no matter the topic. I guess it right as the saying goes, they just don’t have enough English skills to do any better. There isn’t a comment to use but a ? mark or a huh.
Third, Foreigners that try to pass as Americans. The use a name that we might have or a moniker that is common here. But the sentence structure is bad or words misspelled, easy words. You have an idea what they are trying to say but it is wrong in the way it is presented. Not a lot on the net but the muslims like to try this.
Fourth are the people who either try to manipulate with many comments in a row saying the the same thing or the ones that put down something that has nothing to do with the article [ people looking for a dates.]
Last for today is the wannabe scientist. Thousands are out there. They read an article on any issue and think they are experts on them. From space travel to botany. I have no expertise on either of these but will comment if the article is anti-Christian. I have been taken down a few notches on a few of these articles but any time they spew hatred then I will stay in and comment until I tire of it.
Always feel free to comment good or bad on this. More later in the week. Ben C.

Music Soothes The Savage Breast Or Something Along That Line

Mother’s Day has come and almost gone. My mom passed away several years ago. I don’t miss her much on this date but there are other times I miss her bunches. I went to Prairie Grove United Methodist Church this morning. I went to the early service and got to see several friends from the past. It was nice and there wasn’t a big mother’s day sermon and that was really great. I don’t do mother’s day or father’s day very well since my divorce. No one’s fault but my own. I don’t want a flower to give to a sweet heart or a book on how to be a dad or save a marriage. Mathew, the Pastor, does a good job. I went to Fayetteville to eat and see Iron Man 3. Good movie. Well, where is the music part huh.
Sunday afternoons and especially to day there was nothing on I wanted to watch, BORING. 2 things I could do, read a book, which would have put me to sleep.Or Get on Pandora and find some music to listen too. I love music, any kind of music. Even heavy metal or rap sometimes. Soul is my favorite secular music. 60s and 70s mostly. Platters, Ray Charles, to the Stylistics and the Temptations, to The Bee Gees and Donna Summer and Earth Wind and Fire. It is all great. Why because it makes my soul dance and my feet tap, and my head bob. Country is good especially George Strait, New Age Mannheim SteamRoller, Classics , Beethoven, and Bach all good. But those can’t compare to Boogies Shoes which is on now or Stayin Alive. When I lay my head on the pillow tonight one of these many songs will probably be in my head and lull me to sleep.
Have a blessed week and keep the Fath.


This isn’t going be more of the same from my last post but first on the menu is SNOW IN MAY what is this? I was never one for global warming or climate change but something is happening. First off my chest is the US is leading the world I believe in containing carbon waste. Maybe we can do more but until Solar is cheaper and wind is more practical gas, coal, and oil will have to do. China and India are the worst culprits on earth but do they get harassed by the people screaming to change the world no. WHY NOT. China is making trillions every year, a lot of it is from the US, so they have the money. They don’t care. Now for the different part.
This all a part of the end times. Did God cause this no but he is using it to move things faster to Jesus’ return. I am on the computer a lot during the day and I hear about a lot of what is going on in the world, sometimes on on an hourly basis. I hear about anything that happens in the Mid East, any earth quakes or volcanoes. The wanna be scientist on line say nothing is increasing , we just hear about them. I say that is not true, we don’t have major earthquakes every week like we have had. Or volcanoes that were dorment and all of a sudden are active. Birth pangs are happening. Expect more and worse and soon. Will you and I be affected directly, maybe, indirectly most likely. This snow went from Arkansas and Oklahoma and frost into Texas. North into Canada. What is his flat plain area?Just the major corn and wheat production for the world. Too early to say how much damage was done but I will be very surprised if feed for cattle and chickens don’t go up and anything with wheat to go up. Milk, meat and bread. Look in Revelation if this doesn’t belong now.
I am the worst at predicting what may come next but the American people will have to change or things will not get better for us. I am not talking about a change of parties for the White House or Senate. Being a right wing Republican will not change the way the US is going. Electing a majority or a Republican president will not help unless we get on our hands and knees and pray. We have to get rid of abortion not just slow it down. We have to find candidates that will follow God and not a platform filled out by humans. Gay marriage is another but we can’t stop there. For some reason Thousands of people and maybe hundreds of thousand of church goers think that saving a whale or solar energy is more important than God’s word. I am not saying these don’t have their place but not before life. Expect more killings as this is just a small part of these birth pangs. The 2nd Amendment is important but not before God’s word. Something will happen that will affect us all and it won’t be good. What that is I am not sure but a war in the Middle East is coming and it is not Armageddon.
I am not real high on the idea of an early Rapture. I am not against it but not sure if it is happening. For me we will be caught up when He returns with all the Saints that have gone before us at the end after Armageddon. This not a prediction just what I feel will happen.
Jesus is Lord and in control. What comes will come. I pray that my spirit will be with Him in all times. Feel free to write a comment whether you agree with me or not. Ben C