This is going to be a hit and miss blog. What I mean is I am going to write on several topics,[ some I may have touched on before] others I may have to come back for. If I don’t hit on a topic you like or dislike today give me time. I have many in my heart to share.
A very large topic is the internet. Maybe too big for one blog but here goes. First don’t believe everything you see or read on the net. Shocker. Even if it is what you hope is right or you have seen the same thing spread on Face book or emails from people you trust check it out before you post it or send it on. Use Snopes or fast check. Both are good at finding out the truth or facts on something. I don’t use them enough myself. I have sent several thing that had no basis in fact. Oh well. Google it self is a good check but may not always have the answer you are seeking. Even on my comments on articles in Yahoo If I find what I hope is right is wrong then I put down I was wrong. Most people will say thanks and will listen to my next rebuttal. If I am right then I will ask people to check out the article I read.
Two, commenters themselves. There are several types of people that comment on articles. I will put down the ones I dislike first. The people that curse, they think they have a great comment or rebuttal but all they do is end up with an unreadable gibberish. I have never fully understood why they would like to share filth and expect people to say yes you have a great point. These can be all ages and male or female. They show up on all articles no matter the topic. I guess it right as the saying goes, they just don’t have enough English skills to do any better. There isn’t a comment to use but a ? mark or a huh.
Third, Foreigners that try to pass as Americans. The use a name that we might have or a moniker that is common here. But the sentence structure is bad or words misspelled, easy words. You have an idea what they are trying to say but it is wrong in the way it is presented. Not a lot on the net but the muslims like to try this.
Fourth are the people who either try to manipulate with many comments in a row saying the the same thing or the ones that put down something that has nothing to do with the article [ people looking for a dates.]
Last for today is the wannabe scientist. Thousands are out there. They read an article on any issue and think they are experts on them. From space travel to botany. I have no expertise on either of these but will comment if the article is anti-Christian. I have been taken down a few notches on a few of these articles but any time they spew hatred then I will stay in and comment until I tire of it.
Always feel free to comment good or bad on this. More later in the week. Ben C.


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