Preaching to the Choir Part 2

My last blog talked about comments on articles on the net. How some are rude and not very smart. The worst on here are the racist and the bigots. They might be anti-Jewish, blacks, Muslims, any one different from who they are. What is sad a lot of these people will use the name of Christ or the word Christian in their comment. Most are really outrageous in their beliefs and attitudes toward others. I had one person last week say that since Christ died for all there was no sin. Everyone was saved, or at least that is what I got out of it. He said he could watch porn or a homosexual could live that way and still be saved. I posted some scriptures that told him he was wrong but I am not sure it got through.
I am not on here expecting to lead any one to Jesus. I try to put out the truth as I see it and let it go from there.
Next has to be the articles themselves. Though I have no facts to back this up articles on Yahoo will be almost 3 to 1 liberal over conservative. It wouldn’t be so bad but they are almost the same thing written in all the articles. If they print a conservative and they do, usually the headline is biased or tilted in a mean way. I can usually hold my own in these post. Science I have said last time is not always my forte. But if I feel an anti-God theme in the article or a post then I will put my 2 cents in. What disturbs me most is that people don’t believe science and the Bible or faith can coexist. Sometimes I get that from Christians posting also. It is truly sad.
Next and final I will put down along this subject is Israel and the Jews. Some real haters out on our planet. Most what I find are just the haters of Israel and Jews. They don’t have to have done anything but be themselves and they are hated. Some try to put reasons for their hate. Israel has stolen land from the Palestinians, Israel should have never have been granted a state, the anti-christ will come from Israel. The Jews there now are not the same ones that left 2 thousand years ago. What is the most disturbing is when someone will use a Christian moniker or try to use scriptures why they should be wiped off the planet. Muslims, aryans, nazis, and people who are scared of them and blame them for everything wrong on the planet, banking, Bush, Obama, price of gas.
If you can handle it try looking at an article about anything in yahoo then read the comments. You may be surprised at what people write.
Well I am done for today I hope this is giving you an insight into I am and not reasons to read or not read articles. Jesus is Lord. Ben C.


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