Bethel and More

This may bore you but it has helped me remember a very nice trip. My 4 day vacation was fast, busy, and very good. I left Tulsa at 9:30 our time and got to Sacramento just after 1 their time. 20 minutes in Denver and the rest was flying. I saw the Great Salt Lake and Lake Tahoe. Maybe it was the angle I saw it but it didn’t seem near as blue as I remember it. I was at a bad angle and several hundred feet up in the air. I got the pleasure of renting a chevy sonic for the first time. They need to leave a note in the seat for dummies like me that have a hard time figuring out where the lights are or how to work the cruise control. It is mostly farm land between Sacramento and Redding. All sorts of vegetables, orchards, and rice fields. But if it wasn’t watered it was brown and dried out. It was hot also. In the 90s all weekend. The nights and mornings were pleasant but 1 pm and it was hot. Thursday night I ate dinner at a pizza joint. Both of the workers went to Bethel, the church I was visiting. They gave me some good advice how to get around and when to get to the services. Pizza was pretty good also. Recovered from the plane trip the rest of the evening. Friday I got a call to see If I could be at my SOZO 2 hours early. I wasn’t doing any thing else so I accepted. I won’t go into what a SOZO is because I doubt if I could explain it. I will say it was worth doing. After that I went back to the pizza joint and got some pasta. While there I got some better directions to the church. I then went to the church and got everything in my head where to go and when to be there. Friday night Pastor Kevin Dedmon shared. It was a very good start and the people are very nice.
The Travel lodge I stayed at was small but nice and the people were very nice. For breakfast they gave me vouchers to a Lumber Jack Restaurant. More of a pancake house. The food was good and they were happy to take the vouchers. The only shortcoming was you you had to get back on the interstate and travel 3 miles to get there. Saturday mornings are Healing room days at Bethel. They may have several hundred to go through the rooms. Some were minor stuff to the very sick and maybe dying. I didn’t hear of any but many miracles happen there during a year. I had my back prayed for a long with my elbow and high blood pressure. Arm and back still need prayer. The blood pressure I will find out later this week. The rest of Saturday was spent staying out of the heat.
Sunday I went to 2 of the morning services and at 10:30 I joined a Fire Starters class. Definitely a different type of Sunday School. Sunday night was the topper because the main Pastor Bill Johnson taught. I hope to go back some time. I am going to push that Siloam get a team of them down here sometime. I feel that God through them could change the whole town.
The trip back was pretty uneventful. That is the way I like plane trips. Sacramento to Phoenix, maybe 15 minutes on the ground and then back to Tulsa. We gained 10 minutes on the way back. Got back home around 1 am. Now looking forward to the week in Duluth. I hope it warms up a little there.


Summer Time And The River Is Lazy.

Summer Time my second best season of the year. It was first for many years until I got hooked deer hunting.
I love going to the lake,any lake, having a cook out ,fishing, swimming, throwing a Frisbee. All is great fun with family or friends. I was never a really great swimmer but I could stay on top. I learned how in the Boy Scouts at Camp Orr. I wouldn’t want to go without a life preserver on now. My back is really particular on my position and I back float better than on my stomach. Besides I am not in the greatest shape right now.
Growing up in Prairie Grove, baseball was the only thing for a guy to do. Pee wee through Babe Ruth I played every year. Wednesday afternoons a bus took a bunch of us, first to Lake Weddington, then later we started going to the Fayetteville pool. Lots of fun.
Summer was also summer vacation time. My first big trip was to California when I was 9 years old. Found out later that was the first big trip for the family period. On that trip I got to see the Grand Canyon, very beautiful, stopped at a museum and saw some petrified trees. We went over the Boulder Dam, huge, and stopped in Las Vegas. This was when it was still a mob town and before the strip got all fancy. It was 5:00 in the afternoon and the temp was over 100. We as a family went in a casino to cool off and look around. I was the type of kid that never wanted to get into trouble and would never do daring stuff. Not so my brother Tom. He had some nickles and started playing the machines. I don’t remember how much he put in but when he won a few dollars we were told to leave the casino. Didn’t see anyone until he won. Seeing LA and the traffic was a bit overwhelming for this small town boy but my dad didn’t get lost once and we stayed at an Uncles for several days there. Got to see Disney Land, Knotts Berry Farm, and swam in the ocean. Each was a good time and worth doing. We then headed north to the town of Antioch. On the way we went through Sequoia National park. It took us into the mountains and we got to see the big trees. We rested a couple days in Antioch but we did go fishing in the Sacramento River. Bigger than most rivers around here. We also went to San Francisco for a day. A beautiful city. Got to cross the Golden Gate Bridge , see the Fisherman’s Wharf, seals on a rock in the ocean and the very pretty homes. A day or two later we had to leave for home. I won’t bore you with every detail but if you can ever visit Lake Tahoe then go. The lake had 10 different shades of blue showing the depth. Prettiest lake I have ever seen.
Most summers meant a 2 week vacation for my mom. Tom and I would spend 2 or 3 weeks with my grand parents in Optima Ok. A town of maybe 100. My grand mother was the post master. When the trains still carried the mail we would go to the tracks and my granddad would hang the mail on a post. When the train came by, a man with a hook would snatch the bag and another would throw out the incoming bag. The train didn’t slow down any either. It was very hard to see every thing happen. These good times lasted until my grand dad died in 1967.
This year I am going to make 2 trips and maybe 3. My first will start on this Thursday. I am flying to Sacramento then driving to Redding California. I will visit a church there. Several from my church has visited it in one capacity or another. I hope to visit with several pastor and leaders from there but I will be okay at whatever transpires. Short trip will be back the following Monday night. I may get to visit Mount Shasta. I should be able to see it from Redding which is at least 1 hour away.
Second trip is back to Duluth Mn. I hope to do some fishing and just relaxing up there. I hope it has warmed up some by then. It is always a good time.
The maybe trip would to visit my nephew Terry in Las Vegas. He and his wife Cathy have triplets that I haven’t seen for years. I hope to drive on this trip. The reason is so I can see Monument Valley. Many of John Ford’s movies and John Wayne’s were made there. I would also like to see Pawn Stars and maybe the guy that tricks out cars. This trip will be decided by whether or not I have enough funds to make it or not. Well that is part of my past and a part of my future. We will soon see how it all plays out. God Bless you and feel free to comment good or bad. I can take it.

Summer Movies

I really enjoy going to see a good movie. Summer block busters are beginning and I plan on watching at least 4 this summer maybe 6. I have already seen Iron Man 3 and Star Trek 2. Both were very good movies. Looking forward to the next Superman movie. Even though the original with Christopher Reeve looks hokey now it is still one of my favorites. I was one of those kids that grew up with the 50s TV show.
The first movie I remember seeing at a theater was about The Lone Ranger. Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels. There will never be anyone better. It cost me a dime to get in on a Saturday matinee in Prairie Grove. Not sure how much a popcorn and a coke was but you could probably get both for a quarter. Coke machines had them for a nickle. Next that I remember is Old Yeller. Yes I cried all the way home. Most of the movies I went to were Disney movies. Enjoyed them all. 2 all time favorite Disney movies Swiss Family Robinson and The Absent Minded Professor with Fred MacMurray. I didn’t cry.
I have tried making a list of my all time best movies. It is always too long and changes every time I make one up. Some movies that will always be near the top are Casablanca. It has almost everything a movie needs. Romance, drama, comedy. and music. Bogart was the Best. The original Star Wars. First time I saw it I wanted to stand and cheer at the end. It is also got the most bucks from me than any other movie. More than 6 but less than 12 times to see the movie in a theater. The original Indiana Jones was another stand up and cheer movie. Nothing wrong with it at all. The John Williams score for both movies is tops. John Wayne in Stage Coach, and Liberty Valance, Jimmy Stewart, Its A Wonderful Life. Cary Grant, North By Northwest. Sitting With Baby, Philadelphia Story. Clark Gable in almost everything. It doesn’t get much notice but the Barbara Stanwick movie Union Pacific is high up there.
No one has to like my list or agree with it but I am my own person as you are and we all vary in taste. IF your are a parent of a pre teen or grand kids that are that age rent some classics and watch them at home. Pop some corn and have your favorite cola. They may thank you for it later. I am grateful to my mother who watched the movies she grew up with and then watched them with me.
Take care and God Bless you. Feel free to comment good or bad.