Summer Movies

I really enjoy going to see a good movie. Summer block busters are beginning and I plan on watching at least 4 this summer maybe 6. I have already seen Iron Man 3 and Star Trek 2. Both were very good movies. Looking forward to the next Superman movie. Even though the original with Christopher Reeve looks hokey now it is still one of my favorites. I was one of those kids that grew up with the 50s TV show.
The first movie I remember seeing at a theater was about The Lone Ranger. Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels. There will never be anyone better. It cost me a dime to get in on a Saturday matinee in Prairie Grove. Not sure how much a popcorn and a coke was but you could probably get both for a quarter. Coke machines had them for a nickle. Next that I remember is Old Yeller. Yes I cried all the way home. Most of the movies I went to were Disney movies. Enjoyed them all. 2 all time favorite Disney movies Swiss Family Robinson and The Absent Minded Professor with Fred MacMurray. I didn’t cry.
I have tried making a list of my all time best movies. It is always too long and changes every time I make one up. Some movies that will always be near the top are Casablanca. It has almost everything a movie needs. Romance, drama, comedy. and music. Bogart was the Best. The original Star Wars. First time I saw it I wanted to stand and cheer at the end. It is also got the most bucks from me than any other movie. More than 6 but less than 12 times to see the movie in a theater. The original Indiana Jones was another stand up and cheer movie. Nothing wrong with it at all. The John Williams score for both movies is tops. John Wayne in Stage Coach, and Liberty Valance, Jimmy Stewart, Its A Wonderful Life. Cary Grant, North By Northwest. Sitting With Baby, Philadelphia Story. Clark Gable in almost everything. It doesn’t get much notice but the Barbara Stanwick movie Union Pacific is high up there.
No one has to like my list or agree with it but I am my own person as you are and we all vary in taste. IF your are a parent of a pre teen or grand kids that are that age rent some classics and watch them at home. Pop some corn and have your favorite cola. They may thank you for it later. I am grateful to my mother who watched the movies she grew up with and then watched them with me.
Take care and God Bless you. Feel free to comment good or bad.


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