July and August

I guess I continue the same thought that I ended with in Duluth Vacation. One more thing about my trip to Duluth. Last year I spent the night at a new Day End motel in Harrisonville. This year I did the same. It was almost Deja Vu. I had the same lady check me in and and I got the very same room. When I checked out the same young lady as the year before checked me out. I asked and she said I was right.
2 days after being home I took my friend Danny to Mtn. Grove Mo. His mother and dad live there. About a 3 1/2 drive from here. I had no problems but a few shoulder aches. The next Monday, 4 days later, I went back and picked him up. No problems but some heavy rain in Bella Vista. Tuesday I was on my back and sick. I hurt all over. It took me a few days to get over that but just shows I need more rest and am getting old. I have no more trips planned until September. I won’t be driving much if at all. Hitching a ride with my brothers to Guymon Ok for a family reunion. I really enjoy those. It is getting hard also. I have no more uncles or aunts to look forward too, cousins along with me are aging and can’t do as much. We sit around eat and tell old stories. Some are told every year. That is ok we laugh every time. I am truly blessed to have such a nice, close family. We are nothing special but I know many that never knew their cousins because of hatred from their parents and uncles or aunts. Family just doesn’t mean much outside of the brothers and sisters anymore. Sad.
Finishing up this nice summer will be quiet. I don’t ever remember such a nice August. Going to a few more Naturals games before they end. Last night the 16th They won 2 to 1. Walk off home run in the 13th inning. Great fire works again. This fall I hope to see my buds in Russellville as well as my former room mate Melvin. Dr. Melvin Bryant to some. He is a principal in the Pine Bluff school system.
Well time to quit and move on. Maybe when I get back from the reunion I will have another blog ready. Thanks for reading.


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