World Events, Do You Have A Number One

This not going to be easy but I am going to try to remember world events that could have or did change the world. The first I remember was the Cuban missile crisis. Third grade at the old red brick grade school, fall of 62. I really don’t remember any one thing but it was the talk at recess. Yes third graders do discuss world events if they think they might be blown up by an atom bomb. Every parent watched the news so I got a lot of information that was over my head but I was able to decipher most of it. I do remember being scared and me being much relieved when it was over.
Next was the death Of JFK. Big news of course at school and at home. I think I watched the funeral on TV at school. Pretty sure it was the first time the world saw things as they happened. I know it was the first that really stuck in my mind, probably all the TV pictures. I am doing this all off the top of my head so I am sure I will forget something big. One of the continuing things that went on was of course was the space trips the astronauts made. At one time I could name them all but not now. Until the moon shot, the biggest story there was the death of those that was getting ready for a moon mission. The moon mission, what a great night it was, and probably the biggest news story of the century. I still like seeing Walter Cronkite wiping the tears away. Viet Nam was going on at this time and times were a changing. Hippies, walk outs, sit in and free love. I am very happy I was in high school in Prairie Grove Ark. One of the things that helped me later in college was the Jesus Movement. End of the war and Nixon resigning were big stories after High School. Watergate was boring on TV but it kept things jumping for a while. Maybe I will follow up on this later but that is enough for now. Got something I missed let me know. I am sure there is. BEN C.


Do We Really?

Everything on the internet says that the majority of the people want to keep the words”In God We Trust” on our money. I do too but I wonder about how many of that majority actually trust God. Did they say that to make a statement to President Obama or maybe it has been on there all of their lives that it is something that should stay on. But that majority doesn’t go to church every Sunday. They don’t give God His due in first fruits. You don’t have to be a conservative or a liberal to like the statement but how many actually voted in 2012.
Many may disagree with me but I think God intervened and stopped WW 3 from just happening. No there wasn’t any lightning bolts that got thrown or a hurricane that sunk all the ships at sea but I don’t think it was God’s timing for those things to happen. It will happen and it might be sooner than we want but He is in charge and we must trust Him. I did some praying and some emailing this past week. The prayers were 2 fold, please not now, and what can I do. I emailed my Senators and Congressman. I got 2 back saying they would not go along with the president and the third was a statement he was looking into it. Nothing definite back from Senator Pryor. This is a really big thing to trust God in but isn’t it easier to pray and trust God for this then the small things in life.
Do you pray before you get out of bed. Do you pray with the kids before school and work. Do you thank God for the job you have. I am not perfect in all these categories either so I am not griping at you just showing some areas to work on. I am thankful for the truck He has provided and the roof I live under. I am grateful for the money He has provided for me and I need to give Him the first fruits.
Maybe times are hard right now, no job, or some one is sick or you and your spouse are having a hard time. I have been through all that but you have to trust God in whatever the out come may be. I have been jobless, I lost a son to cancer and I am divorced. Why’s are always there in your head but don’t let the why’s out do the thank you’s. I am stronger now as a Christian not because I went through those things but because I trust God more.
When I was growing up in Prairie Grove, I was basically a quiet, good kid. I would with hold my words of disagreement so not to cause an argument with any one. I am not that little kid any more and I like to speak my peace on just about any subject. What is the difference, I trust in God now. Am I always right about everything “NO” but I know God is always loving me and if I say things in love and truth as I know it then it is okay to speak. Take care and feel free to comment any time even if you disagree that is okay too.

Do you like to travel?

Do you like to get into a car or a plane and go to somewhere you have never been before. Maybe that place is across the state or across the oceans. Is it Hawaii and exotic Islands or maybe the wilds of Alaska. Is it camping out at Petit Jean for the weekend or a fancy Hotel in Vegas or Hot Springs. If you have read a few of my blogs you know I like to go. I told you about my first big vacation when I was nine. Grand Canyon, Disney Land and San Francisco. I still have good memories of all these places. It got me hooked on seeing the sites. Most of my vacations were spent out at my grandparents in the little town of Optima Ok. When my family started to spread out I was able to see more of our great country. I was able to see Washington D.C. A must for any history buff. Don’t just see the big monuments, but find out the museums and other parks around the area. I have been lucky to have gone twice and enjoyed it both times. Do you like the mountains. The Smokey Mountains are really nice almost anytime of year. The Grand Tetons are gorgeous. Truly the Purple mountain majesty. That is one place I hope to visit again. Yellowstone is just a quick trip away and every one in my opinion should spend at least 3 days there. More if you can afford it.
When I was young I never had any desire to go east because I really didn’t think anything worth seeing was there. I was wrong. I am limited in my knowledge of all the sites but the mountains of Pennsylvania and Vermont rival the Ozarks in Beauty. Great places to see in the summer or fall. I still want to see Maine and upper New York but those might just be pipe dreams. Florida has the beaches on both sides and all are wonderful. Fall or early spring When I went to Fort Meyers were good times. Too hot in the summer. If you have school age kids take them out to see the world outside of your neighbor hood. Whether it is to see the local Park or National Forest go and explore. Any overnight stay in a state or National park will be remembered. You and they deserve it.
I am traveling to Guymon Ok. next weekend for a family reunion. I always enjoy family and like the area. This might be an odd time for such a blog but fall and winter in some areas are great times to go. But that is the big word GO. You will be glad you did. Any suggestions or remarks are welcome. BEN C.