Do you like to travel?

Do you like to get into a car or a plane and go to somewhere you have never been before. Maybe that place is across the state or across the oceans. Is it Hawaii and exotic Islands or maybe the wilds of Alaska. Is it camping out at Petit Jean for the weekend or a fancy Hotel in Vegas or Hot Springs. If you have read a few of my blogs you know I like to go. I told you about my first big vacation when I was nine. Grand Canyon, Disney Land and San Francisco. I still have good memories of all these places. It got me hooked on seeing the sites. Most of my vacations were spent out at my grandparents in the little town of Optima Ok. When my family started to spread out I was able to see more of our great country. I was able to see Washington D.C. A must for any history buff. Don’t just see the big monuments, but find out the museums and other parks around the area. I have been lucky to have gone twice and enjoyed it both times. Do you like the mountains. The Smokey Mountains are really nice almost anytime of year. The Grand Tetons are gorgeous. Truly the Purple mountain majesty. That is one place I hope to visit again. Yellowstone is just a quick trip away and every one in my opinion should spend at least 3 days there. More if you can afford it.
When I was young I never had any desire to go east because I really didn’t think anything worth seeing was there. I was wrong. I am limited in my knowledge of all the sites but the mountains of Pennsylvania and Vermont rival the Ozarks in Beauty. Great places to see in the summer or fall. I still want to see Maine and upper New York but those might just be pipe dreams. Florida has the beaches on both sides and all are wonderful. Fall or early spring When I went to Fort Meyers were good times. Too hot in the summer. If you have school age kids take them out to see the world outside of your neighbor hood. Whether it is to see the local Park or National Forest go and explore. Any overnight stay in a state or National park will be remembered. You and they deserve it.
I am traveling to Guymon Ok. next weekend for a family reunion. I always enjoy family and like the area. This might be an odd time for such a blog but fall and winter in some areas are great times to go. But that is the big word GO. You will be glad you did. Any suggestions or remarks are welcome. BEN C.


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