Do We Really?

Everything on the internet says that the majority of the people want to keep the words”In God We Trust” on our money. I do too but I wonder about how many of that majority actually trust God. Did they say that to make a statement to President Obama or maybe it has been on there all of their lives that it is something that should stay on. But that majority doesn’t go to church every Sunday. They don’t give God His due in first fruits. You don’t have to be a conservative or a liberal to like the statement but how many actually voted in 2012.
Many may disagree with me but I think God intervened and stopped WW 3 from just happening. No there wasn’t any lightning bolts that got thrown or a hurricane that sunk all the ships at sea but I don’t think it was God’s timing for those things to happen. It will happen and it might be sooner than we want but He is in charge and we must trust Him. I did some praying and some emailing this past week. The prayers were 2 fold, please not now, and what can I do. I emailed my Senators and Congressman. I got 2 back saying they would not go along with the president and the third was a statement he was looking into it. Nothing definite back from Senator Pryor. This is a really big thing to trust God in but isn’t it easier to pray and trust God for this then the small things in life.
Do you pray before you get out of bed. Do you pray with the kids before school and work. Do you thank God for the job you have. I am not perfect in all these categories either so I am not griping at you just showing some areas to work on. I am thankful for the truck He has provided and the roof I live under. I am grateful for the money He has provided for me and I need to give Him the first fruits.
Maybe times are hard right now, no job, or some one is sick or you and your spouse are having a hard time. I have been through all that but you have to trust God in whatever the out come may be. I have been jobless, I lost a son to cancer and I am divorced. Why’s are always there in your head but don’t let the why’s out do the thank you’s. I am stronger now as a Christian not because I went through those things but because I trust God more.
When I was growing up in Prairie Grove, I was basically a quiet, good kid. I would with hold my words of disagreement so not to cause an argument with any one. I am not that little kid any more and I like to speak my peace on just about any subject. What is the difference, I trust in God now. Am I always right about everything “NO” but I know God is always loving me and if I say things in love and truth as I know it then it is okay to speak. Take care and feel free to comment any time even if you disagree that is okay too.


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