World Events, Do You Have A Number One

This not going to be easy but I am going to try to remember world events that could have or did change the world. The first I remember was the Cuban missile crisis. Third grade at the old red brick grade school, fall of 62. I really don’t remember any one thing but it was the talk at recess. Yes third graders do discuss world events if they think they might be blown up by an atom bomb. Every parent watched the news so I got a lot of information that was over my head but I was able to decipher most of it. I do remember being scared and me being much relieved when it was over.
Next was the death Of JFK. Big news of course at school and at home. I think I watched the funeral on TV at school. Pretty sure it was the first time the world saw things as they happened. I know it was the first that really stuck in my mind, probably all the TV pictures. I am doing this all off the top of my head so I am sure I will forget something big. One of the continuing things that went on was of course was the space trips the astronauts made. At one time I could name them all but not now. Until the moon shot, the biggest story there was the death of those that was getting ready for a moon mission. The moon mission, what a great night it was, and probably the biggest news story of the century. I still like seeing Walter Cronkite wiping the tears away. Viet Nam was going on at this time and times were a changing. Hippies, walk outs, sit in and free love. I am very happy I was in high school in Prairie Grove Ark. One of the things that helped me later in college was the Jesus Movement. End of the war and Nixon resigning were big stories after High School. Watergate was boring on TV but it kept things jumping for a while. Maybe I will follow up on this later but that is enough for now. Got something I missed let me know. I am sure there is. BEN C.


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