Jeremiah Part 2

I am continuing Jeremiah. Because I feel I have to or need to. Not because I am today’s prophet probably far from it but I feel an over whelming urge to do this. The first part had to do with Joe Citizen, you and I and the things that we must do to take back our country. Pray all the time. Do it every where. If there are rules saying you can’t pray out loud, pray silently. I would make it where you are noticed so you can then share what God wants you too. Find a group similar in thinking as you a start a prayer group. Pray for everything. Pray for the ones that are there and may all their needs be met. Pray for the churches, not just yours but all of them. We need revival. Pray for all forms of government ,local to the national. Say names and be gracious. If you don’t care for them pray that God will change their heart. I am a conservative so there are many things that I disagree with but I need to pray for hearts to change.
President Obama and many before him are like the Kings of Judah. God is always speaking and most have read his Word so they know what is right and wrong. But for some reason don’t care. That includes Bush. We have no one in a high office defending the rights of the unborn. Some Republicans make noise about this at election time but the rest of the time they have deaf ears. Democrats, I know there are Christians in office but because it is a party no no, they won’t even speak up about it. People accuse the conservatives of not caring for the poor because they want to restructure Food Stamps or Medicaid. I hope that isn’t true. Wasting money, taking hand outs when you don’t need it or just being lazy is not God’s way of doing things. The widows and poor were left some of the wheat and other crops so they could gleam for themselves. They worked for it. Even FDR had people dig holes then some following filling them up. But it was work. My gripe about Medicare is the rich {millionaires} can and do use this. Yes they paid into it but do they need it. I thought it was for those that needed it.
I don’t feel like I know God’s will totally for the U.S. If it is His plan that we continue to down hill then we will. Sounds harsh but it may happen. He has hardened the hearts of leaders before to make His way come about. I hope what he wants is for the U.S. to come to its senses and we will repent and change our way. We can but does the country want too. Do the Christians want too.
Well enough of this for a while. Fell free to comment, Ben.


Ever Read Jerimiah

A very odd beginning isn’t it. I have only listened, read it lately. I go to You Version and I am on the Bible in a Year reading plan. Thing is I only started a few months ago. Well the past several weeks the Old Testament part has been on Jeremiah. I have read parts before but never the whole thing. Just couldn’t hold it together long enough to make sense of things. Well it has made a lot of sense lately. It scares me on how much sense it makes. Why would a book written 3 thousand years ago scare me now. Because Jeremiah could be talking to the U.S. now. I am not talking about Obama or the Tea Party but Joe citizen. Jeremiah was a prophet to several Kings and courts in Judah. I will not bore you with all the names but the last King of Judah was Zedekiah. He wasn’t really any worse than the Kings before him but none listened and all thought Jeremiah was crazy. Most had vast wealth and could and did what they wanted any time they wanted. Even when the prophecies came true they wouldn’t change their hearts.
What is really sad to me Jeremiah was told by God they wouldn’t listen and would have to go through many punishments himself. He was really a devoted and a tough person to go through those things. Some of what he went through was wearing a wooden yoke for a time and then having it beaten off him by a false prophet. In prisoned several times and thrown into a cold muddy cistern, and hung up in the air by his arms for a while. A few did help him but mostly he was on his own.
Okay why does it remind me of today in the US. Today we are all priest and prophets of God. It is up to us to spread His word and let people know the good news. That we know, and probably do it in some manner. But we are also prophets. I am not talking about carrying a sign and going up and down main street or pointing a finger at a political person and thus saith the Lord. That was Jeremiah way of doing things but not ours. We have the word of God and we don’t need any thing else. Almost everyone I know will say our country is going down hill. But many have different ideas on how to bring it back to a country of believers and followers. We probably won’t ever go back to any where but we have a foundation that we should fall back on. Prayer in many venues. Standing up for the person who has nothing or needs a helping hand. Getting back into our places of worship and learning about our Lord. 2 scriptures which I will paraphrase are “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. ” The other is “If my people will get on their knees and repent and pray then I will bless their land.” Both have to do with you and me, not the unbelievers. Unbelievers, all we can do is share the Good News and pray for them.
I am ending this in part 1 because it is getting long. More to come soon.

Deer Hunting and the Cardinals And Something Extra

Bow season started up the 1st of October. What is nice, it has been cool enough the bugs aren’t too bad. I am using my crossbow for the second year. It is heavy and hard to get through a tight spot but I am getting to be a better shot with it. Still no kill yet. I might be the worst hunter in Arkansas. When I see one I am always either unprepared or wide open. Noise doesn’t help and I seem to make a lot. I have to remember the joy is the effort and being in the outdoors. I do have Bambi’s little sister come by every morning. Not big enough to kill . Not worth the processing fee. If she turns and sticks her tongue out at me I may have to do it any how. Lots of time but I am not a cold weather hunter. I like the snow if I can get out but 25 degrees is my limit now and the sun will be shining. What I need is a place to gun hunt. Any private land that I can hunt on?
Well my Cardinals are in the World Series and no one is more surprised than me. I thought it was doomed the last month but they got some help and pitching came through. I can’t think of a better team to beat than the Red Sox. I never root for them. It might be 4 or it may go seven but Go Cards. Wish I could get the Cardinal Radio broadcast but will have to put up with TV.
The Razorbacks, the poor Razorbacks. I didn’t really expect much this year but I am surprised by the lack of offense after the 1st quarter. They will get better in the years to come and we have a lot of freshmen playing now. The only game I was truly disappointed in was the Aggie game. No defense anywhere to be found. One interception and our quarterback got squeamish. Hopefully he will get better.
God is very good and he loves me more than I can ever express. He has something special for me and I hope I can share something soon. Nothing big that you might say wow but He is sharing things with me in short burst. Sometimes only for me, others I have to share. I hope that doesn’t sound to weird but I know it is true. God is moving and He is trying to wake up His Children. He is not a Democrat or a Republican, liberal or conservative. He is the great creator of all things. Do not ever try to put Him in a box. The end times are here and though it may still be in the birthing stage it is rapidly getting to His coming. I am not a pre-trib person myself but will be very happy if I am wrong. I pray that my spirit will be ready either way. Thanks for reading and feel free to share.

Many Ideas Not Enough Time.

3 weeks ago my computer hard drive messed up so I took it to Best Buy to fix it. Well they said 3 days. Okay, I could live with that. 3 days turned out to be 2 weeks. I was not a happy camper and let the “Geek” manager have it. I sternly said I was really upset getting the go around and wanted my computer or my $200 dollars back. Well he said I was right in being upset and I could pick it up later that day, the 14th. Well I got the call and still had to wait about thirty minutes. I halfway think they replaced the hard drive then. Yes a whole new hard drive which means I lost all my pictures. Most can be replaced but several of my favorites can’t. Getting all the pass words back in sync is a hassle also. I still get worked up over it. Calm down Ben
Several thing have gone on the last for 2 weeks I feel like I have to comment on. Before I go on please remember this is mostly for me but I do like to share my thoughts. First my hat off to Senator Cruz. I really thought it was going to be in vain but I am glad someone tried. The ACA is and will continue to be a disaster. It is a great thought but the way it is being used to pay for all this is ripping off the middle class. It will never pay for it self and the US will get deeper in debt. I hope some one will poll the nation next March on who had to pay more and who had to pay less. I have my own idea how it will turn out. What will really be a turning point is how many people between 27 and 32,single that are willing to join up. If I lived near Washington D.C. I would have been in all the Arkansas offices and would have tried to see Boehner, Pelosi and Reid. The last 2 I would have given the watermelon cheer. You act like you eat some melon then you spit out the seeds. Hopefully I would just get kicked out and not in jail. I am closing this one but will be back with another soon. I have Deer season and The Hawgs to talk about yet. God Bless and feel free to comment, I can take it.