Many Ideas Not Enough Time.

3 weeks ago my computer hard drive messed up so I took it to Best Buy to fix it. Well they said 3 days. Okay, I could live with that. 3 days turned out to be 2 weeks. I was not a happy camper and let the “Geek” manager have it. I sternly said I was really upset getting the go around and wanted my computer or my $200 dollars back. Well he said I was right in being upset and I could pick it up later that day, the 14th. Well I got the call and still had to wait about thirty minutes. I halfway think they replaced the hard drive then. Yes a whole new hard drive which means I lost all my pictures. Most can be replaced but several of my favorites can’t. Getting all the pass words back in sync is a hassle also. I still get worked up over it. Calm down Ben
Several thing have gone on the last for 2 weeks I feel like I have to comment on. Before I go on please remember this is mostly for me but I do like to share my thoughts. First my hat off to Senator Cruz. I really thought it was going to be in vain but I am glad someone tried. The ACA is and will continue to be a disaster. It is a great thought but the way it is being used to pay for all this is ripping off the middle class. It will never pay for it self and the US will get deeper in debt. I hope some one will poll the nation next March on who had to pay more and who had to pay less. I have my own idea how it will turn out. What will really be a turning point is how many people between 27 and 32,single that are willing to join up. If I lived near Washington D.C. I would have been in all the Arkansas offices and would have tried to see Boehner, Pelosi and Reid. The last 2 I would have given the watermelon cheer. You act like you eat some melon then you spit out the seeds. Hopefully I would just get kicked out and not in jail. I am closing this one but will be back with another soon. I have Deer season and The Hawgs to talk about yet. God Bless and feel free to comment, I can take it.


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