Deer Hunting and the Cardinals And Something Extra

Bow season started up the 1st of October. What is nice, it has been cool enough the bugs aren’t too bad. I am using my crossbow for the second year. It is heavy and hard to get through a tight spot but I am getting to be a better shot with it. Still no kill yet. I might be the worst hunter in Arkansas. When I see one I am always either unprepared or wide open. Noise doesn’t help and I seem to make a lot. I have to remember the joy is the effort and being in the outdoors. I do have Bambi’s little sister come by every morning. Not big enough to kill . Not worth the processing fee. If she turns and sticks her tongue out at me I may have to do it any how. Lots of time but I am not a cold weather hunter. I like the snow if I can get out but 25 degrees is my limit now and the sun will be shining. What I need is a place to gun hunt. Any private land that I can hunt on?
Well my Cardinals are in the World Series and no one is more surprised than me. I thought it was doomed the last month but they got some help and pitching came through. I can’t think of a better team to beat than the Red Sox. I never root for them. It might be 4 or it may go seven but Go Cards. Wish I could get the Cardinal Radio broadcast but will have to put up with TV.
The Razorbacks, the poor Razorbacks. I didn’t really expect much this year but I am surprised by the lack of offense after the 1st quarter. They will get better in the years to come and we have a lot of freshmen playing now. The only game I was truly disappointed in was the Aggie game. No defense anywhere to be found. One interception and our quarterback got squeamish. Hopefully he will get better.
God is very good and he loves me more than I can ever express. He has something special for me and I hope I can share something soon. Nothing big that you might say wow but He is sharing things with me in short burst. Sometimes only for me, others I have to share. I hope that doesn’t sound to weird but I know it is true. God is moving and He is trying to wake up His Children. He is not a Democrat or a Republican, liberal or conservative. He is the great creator of all things. Do not ever try to put Him in a box. The end times are here and though it may still be in the birthing stage it is rapidly getting to His coming. I am not a pre-trib person myself but will be very happy if I am wrong. I pray that my spirit will be ready either way. Thanks for reading and feel free to share.


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