Ever Read Jerimiah

A very odd beginning isn’t it. I have only listened, read it lately. I go to You Version and I am on the Bible in a Year reading plan. Thing is I only started a few months ago. Well the past several weeks the Old Testament part has been on Jeremiah. I have read parts before but never the whole thing. Just couldn’t hold it together long enough to make sense of things. Well it has made a lot of sense lately. It scares me on how much sense it makes. Why would a book written 3 thousand years ago scare me now. Because Jeremiah could be talking to the U.S. now. I am not talking about Obama or the Tea Party but Joe citizen. Jeremiah was a prophet to several Kings and courts in Judah. I will not bore you with all the names but the last King of Judah was Zedekiah. He wasn’t really any worse than the Kings before him but none listened and all thought Jeremiah was crazy. Most had vast wealth and could and did what they wanted any time they wanted. Even when the prophecies came true they wouldn’t change their hearts.
What is really sad to me Jeremiah was told by God they wouldn’t listen and would have to go through many punishments himself. He was really a devoted and a tough person to go through those things. Some of what he went through was wearing a wooden yoke for a time and then having it beaten off him by a false prophet. In prisoned several times and thrown into a cold muddy cistern, and hung up in the air by his arms for a while. A few did help him but mostly he was on his own.
Okay why does it remind me of today in the US. Today we are all priest and prophets of God. It is up to us to spread His word and let people know the good news. That we know, and probably do it in some manner. But we are also prophets. I am not talking about carrying a sign and going up and down main street or pointing a finger at a political person and thus saith the Lord. That was Jeremiah way of doing things but not ours. We have the word of God and we don’t need any thing else. Almost everyone I know will say our country is going down hill. But many have different ideas on how to bring it back to a country of believers and followers. We probably won’t ever go back to any where but we have a foundation that we should fall back on. Prayer in many venues. Standing up for the person who has nothing or needs a helping hand. Getting back into our places of worship and learning about our Lord. 2 scriptures which I will paraphrase are “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. ” The other is “If my people will get on their knees and repent and pray then I will bless their land.” Both have to do with you and me, not the unbelievers. Unbelievers, all we can do is share the Good News and pray for them.
I am ending this in part 1 because it is getting long. More to come soon.


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