Jeremiah Part 2

I am continuing Jeremiah. Because I feel I have to or need to. Not because I am today’s prophet probably far from it but I feel an over whelming urge to do this. The first part had to do with Joe Citizen, you and I and the things that we must do to take back our country. Pray all the time. Do it every where. If there are rules saying you can’t pray out loud, pray silently. I would make it where you are noticed so you can then share what God wants you too. Find a group similar in thinking as you a start a prayer group. Pray for everything. Pray for the ones that are there and may all their needs be met. Pray for the churches, not just yours but all of them. We need revival. Pray for all forms of government ,local to the national. Say names and be gracious. If you don’t care for them pray that God will change their heart. I am a conservative so there are many things that I disagree with but I need to pray for hearts to change.
President Obama and many before him are like the Kings of Judah. God is always speaking and most have read his Word so they know what is right and wrong. But for some reason don’t care. That includes Bush. We have no one in a high office defending the rights of the unborn. Some Republicans make noise about this at election time but the rest of the time they have deaf ears. Democrats, I know there are Christians in office but because it is a party no no, they won’t even speak up about it. People accuse the conservatives of not caring for the poor because they want to restructure Food Stamps or Medicaid. I hope that isn’t true. Wasting money, taking hand outs when you don’t need it or just being lazy is not God’s way of doing things. The widows and poor were left some of the wheat and other crops so they could gleam for themselves. They worked for it. Even FDR had people dig holes then some following filling them up. But it was work. My gripe about Medicare is the rich {millionaires} can and do use this. Yes they paid into it but do they need it. I thought it was for those that needed it.
I don’t feel like I know God’s will totally for the U.S. If it is His plan that we continue to down hill then we will. Sounds harsh but it may happen. He has hardened the hearts of leaders before to make His way come about. I hope what he wants is for the U.S. to come to its senses and we will repent and change our way. We can but does the country want too. Do the Christians want too.
Well enough of this for a while. Fell free to comment, Ben.


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