Most of us got to see Ziva’s replacement Tuesday night. What do you think? I think the young lady did a good job but she is going to have to pull in and become a team member fast. Loners never work on there. Too young for Tony so I can’t see any real relationship happening. So maybe some one else will show up for he and her. Do I miss Ziva, you bet. I haven’t broken down yet but I am glad USA has reruns on. Cold turkey would have been very hard. I haven’t got a pin up on my wall but it has crossed my mind.
You have seen the flash mobs on youtube and Face Book. Do you have any favorites? Mine is one at Christmas time at a Mall. Starts out with one person and moves on to a choir. It moves me every time. Another is in Amsterdam Rail station. It does some Sound of Music songs. Very well done. A lot of them look like they never practice at all. If you see Michael Jackson songs most aren’t very good. Just letting you know.
Politics is still happening and still making me mad. I read today where Oregon computer for health care has yet to sign up one person. 10k mostly for Medicaid have signed up through the mail. This farce that is a government mandate now will hurt the country severely. We can’t afford it and it was never made to succeed. That is my own opinion and I can’t back that up with any facts. Why do I think that, because we have a president that doesn’t mind letting us go down the drain. He has done nothing in 5 years that has improved our lives. The money we got back from the government was our tax money. That was no gift. It did not stimulate anything. They were building roads and bridges which is the only thing that was built. I do not want any one to agree with me because of what I put down. Look for yourself and see what he has and has not done. Enough for now, Thanks and feel free to comment.


Deer Hunting And Me

Well this isn’t to brag or make excuses. I hunt because I love to be out and see the deer and get that lump in my throat. Many years now and that excitement is still there. At least for a few hours while I am out. After a while I either get sleepy and/ or my neck will start hurting. I have tried to wake up but it just doesn’t happen. Maybe I will try that product that helps keep you awake. This past couple of mornings should have been great to hunt but it is too cold. I have a limit of 25 degrees that my body can last out side. It just isn’t fun any more to freeze my face or toes. I have been out for hours in single digits but not any more. Call it old age or being a weeny but I do have my limits.
The place I hunt have several deer. But they tend to move from where you scouted them in September and October. Sure the rut is part of this but so is food and pressure from hunting. I can’t climb the hill anymore so I am very limited where I can go. Also we have more hunters so limited that way also. I have scent out, calls, and minerals [food] out that should keep the deer close by but it is not working.
I have been hunting most of my life. Being 60 now that is a very true statement. My brother Tom and I would take a 22 and a 4-10 and hunt the fence rows near Prairie Grove for rabbits and our dog Charlie would kick them out. Once we got to some woods Charlie would find us some squirrels. It was a great time and we almost always got game of some sort. Can’t do those things now. It is illegal to hunt near a road and people are more particular about who gets on their land. We would walk from Prairie Grove for 2 or 3 miles and back and no one ever stopped us. To deer hunting this was a natural move for most kids in Arkansas. I got a 20 gauge shot gun for my 16 Christmas. Still have it and use it when I can. I need a place to gun hunt. If only for squirrels it would be nice. Time to quit and go to bed. Another early morning. Hope for that big one[ will take a little one now] tomorrow maybe the day. Feel free to comment, God Bless.

Well This is the Time.

This is the time where I should be able to write something new but it is a struggle. I could write a political blog very easily but you have all the news and information you need to make your own choices. I will write one later but again I write these for me and hope you will take that into consideration. If my ideas are different than yours sweep that under a rug so not to make good friendships end.
Basketball has started at JBU and they have had the Toilet Paper game. Looking through that nights brochure I have found out that they have only lost one game in 33. Not bad for a streak and the first ball game. These guys are young for the most part and have some growing up to do. Coach Clark Sheehy will get them to be a decent team. They will be contenders by seasons end. His dad John was truly a very good coach and some day soon I hope to see him in the Arkansas Hall of Fame.
Deer hunting is going slow. Deer come close but since I have only one shot with a cross bow I haven’t gotten a shot yet. I need that big buck to show up in a love sick stupor. Lots of time I keep telling myself. I have only a small area to hunt and only with a bow. If anyone has a place where I can gun hunt that sure would be nice.
God is still moving for me and around me. The 2 blogs about Jeremiah and the struggles our country is in was something I had to do. No feed back from that but it was something I needed if only for me to go back and read. Times around us won’t get easier. We cold get rid of Obama and his ACA but would we have it easier. We have gone too far and too many “bad” guys in place. I am sure that the majority of people don’t want the ACA but I am not sure the majority want a conservative in office First I am not positive that person could get anything done Congress is so messed up. Second too many people enjoy their welfare and medicade. If Obama gets his immigration bill to pass more will be on the pay role.
Sorry politics slipped in. Take care and God Bless. Ben C