Well This is the Time.

This is the time where I should be able to write something new but it is a struggle. I could write a political blog very easily but you have all the news and information you need to make your own choices. I will write one later but again I write these for me and hope you will take that into consideration. If my ideas are different than yours sweep that under a rug so not to make good friendships end.
Basketball has started at JBU and they have had the Toilet Paper game. Looking through that nights brochure I have found out that they have only lost one game in 33. Not bad for a streak and the first ball game. These guys are young for the most part and have some growing up to do. Coach Clark Sheehy will get them to be a decent team. They will be contenders by seasons end. His dad John was truly a very good coach and some day soon I hope to see him in the Arkansas Hall of Fame.
Deer hunting is going slow. Deer come close but since I have only one shot with a cross bow I haven’t gotten a shot yet. I need that big buck to show up in a love sick stupor. Lots of time I keep telling myself. I have only a small area to hunt and only with a bow. If anyone has a place where I can gun hunt that sure would be nice.
God is still moving for me and around me. The 2 blogs about Jeremiah and the struggles our country is in was something I had to do. No feed back from that but it was something I needed if only for me to go back and read. Times around us won’t get easier. We cold get rid of Obama and his ACA but would we have it easier. We have gone too far and too many “bad” guys in place. I am sure that the majority of people don’t want the ACA but I am not sure the majority want a conservative in office First I am not positive that person could get anything done Congress is so messed up. Second too many people enjoy their welfare and medicade. If Obama gets his immigration bill to pass more will be on the pay role.
Sorry politics slipped in. Take care and God Bless. Ben C


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