Deer Hunting And Me

Well this isn’t to brag or make excuses. I hunt because I love to be out and see the deer and get that lump in my throat. Many years now and that excitement is still there. At least for a few hours while I am out. After a while I either get sleepy and/ or my neck will start hurting. I have tried to wake up but it just doesn’t happen. Maybe I will try that product that helps keep you awake. This past couple of mornings should have been great to hunt but it is too cold. I have a limit of 25 degrees that my body can last out side. It just isn’t fun any more to freeze my face or toes. I have been out for hours in single digits but not any more. Call it old age or being a weeny but I do have my limits.
The place I hunt have several deer. But they tend to move from where you scouted them in September and October. Sure the rut is part of this but so is food and pressure from hunting. I can’t climb the hill anymore so I am very limited where I can go. Also we have more hunters so limited that way also. I have scent out, calls, and minerals [food] out that should keep the deer close by but it is not working.
I have been hunting most of my life. Being 60 now that is a very true statement. My brother Tom and I would take a 22 and a 4-10 and hunt the fence rows near Prairie Grove for rabbits and our dog Charlie would kick them out. Once we got to some woods Charlie would find us some squirrels. It was a great time and we almost always got game of some sort. Can’t do those things now. It is illegal to hunt near a road and people are more particular about who gets on their land. We would walk from Prairie Grove for 2 or 3 miles and back and no one ever stopped us. To deer hunting this was a natural move for most kids in Arkansas. I got a 20 gauge shot gun for my 16 Christmas. Still have it and use it when I can. I need a place to gun hunt. If only for squirrels it would be nice. Time to quit and go to bed. Another early morning. Hope for that big one[ will take a little one now] tomorrow maybe the day. Feel free to comment, God Bless.


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