Most of us got to see Ziva’s replacement Tuesday night. What do you think? I think the young lady did a good job but she is going to have to pull in and become a team member fast. Loners never work on there. Too young for Tony so I can’t see any real relationship happening. So maybe some one else will show up for he and her. Do I miss Ziva, you bet. I haven’t broken down yet but I am glad USA has reruns on. Cold turkey would have been very hard. I haven’t got a pin up on my wall but it has crossed my mind.
You have seen the flash mobs on youtube and Face Book. Do you have any favorites? Mine is one at Christmas time at a Mall. Starts out with one person and moves on to a choir. It moves me every time. Another is in Amsterdam Rail station. It does some Sound of Music songs. Very well done. A lot of them look like they never practice at all. If you see Michael Jackson songs most aren’t very good. Just letting you know.
Politics is still happening and still making me mad. I read today where Oregon computer for health care has yet to sign up one person. 10k mostly for Medicaid have signed up through the mail. This farce that is a government mandate now will hurt the country severely. We can’t afford it and it was never made to succeed. That is my own opinion and I can’t back that up with any facts. Why do I think that, because we have a president that doesn’t mind letting us go down the drain. He has done nothing in 5 years that has improved our lives. The money we got back from the government was our tax money. That was no gift. It did not stimulate anything. They were building roads and bridges which is the only thing that was built. I do not want any one to agree with me because of what I put down. Look for yourself and see what he has and has not done. Enough for now, Thanks and feel free to comment.


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