Part 7 The Thirties.

I will start out in the US and move on to Europe when I feel I can. My parents were brought up in the Panhandle of Oklahoma. 480 miles west on 412. My mother was the youngest of 8. She lost her father to death at a very early age and she really never knew him. My grand mother had 2 daughters and 6 boys to take care of in a small farming community and had no hand outs coming her way. From what I understand she did many jobs in her life. Sewing, cooking, cleaning homes, whatever was available. My mother had hand me downs and home made dresses and clothes most of her life. Church was something they did every Sunday. My dad lived in a small community just out side of Guymon. It was called Optima. My Dad was working driving truck for the wheat farmers when he was big enough to look over the steering wheel. A small town of 50 maybe and the school was very rural. When the drought hit and it did for several years jobs were hard to come by but my grand dad was a big man and used to all kinds of hard work. I can’t make this real to you because there is no good way of describing the drought and dust storms. If you can find Burn’s series on the 30s on PBS take a look. Best documentary on the subject I have seen. He found people that went through those times and lived to tell about it. A dust storm could come from any direction and last several hours. Waves more 100 feet high roaring through your property, home, and community. This wasn’t just one year but 5 or more. No wheat, no corn, and all the things they make. Cattle were sold off or lost, no hay. Wells dried up. Rain less than an inch. This was before the water being used from the aquifers. Many were moving to the west coast, California, Oregon, and Washington. They had jobs out there but not enough for the hordes that came from the wheat and corn area. No help from Washington D.C. until a dust storm came all the way across half the US and hit while Congress was in session. It changed many minds about how bad this really was.
The cities I have no personal relationship which I can grasp onto and tell you the how bad things were. But is was bad and worse than I can imagine. Men looking for work, hundreds in line to get them. Beggars every where and crime was still heavy but not as many thugs as the 20s. Only 2 places I can recall not having a lot of problems. Hollywood and Washington DC. Again that sounds like today. Of course movies were a nickel but they made money. President Roosevelt with his many programs got us on our feet. Unlike the liberals today, the programs had the people working and not looking for a hand out. Most of the Arkansas state parks have buildings made back then. It worked. The USA did survive this horrible time and hung in there and did not crumble. Time to quit. Any suggestions would be appreciated or comments.



45 million killed by war in Europe and the Middle East. Monarchies are falling like flies but what to put in their place. In some places anarchy and small wars broke out that were never fully finished. Democracy was tried in only a few places and fascism and communism seemed to battle for different places. Again I won’t try to go too deep in who got what because you either know or can look it up also. I would get something wrong and make this whole thing look bad besides. But first lets look into the US and look at her condition. The 20’s a time of false hope and security. The big war is over, the remnants of the flue is dying out and the country is feeling good. The anti-alcohol movement was taking place and in 1920 prohibition was law. That law would not have affected me in the least if I had been living then but it was a law that couldn’t be enforced. Whether the law is no drinking, sodomy or any other moral law it nearly impossible to enforce. Not that I think those things are ok but people will sin doesn’t matter the law. What we don’t have to do is make those immoral things okay or easy to do. No gay marriage laws. Make sure the minor and drunk driving laws are enforced. What else was going on was the stock market. This had been in place for many years but it really took off now. I think people that had money thought it was an easy way to protect their money. Money and the people that had it was wanting more and thought this was an easy way of doing things. The farmers were making money because the seasons were producing rain and snow at the right times and amounts. Even the poor had jobs though they weren’t making much money. Times were good and things were looking up. Before I move on I should say there was much violence during the 20s with the illegal booze and gambling going on produced gangsters like Al Capone and several others. They were making money from the illegal booze and banks were doing well and that led to killers like Bonnie and Clyde.
Even with all the illegal junk going on over all the country was doing well. But in 1929 the world seemed to collapse. Goods were being built homes and cars were ready for sale but all of a sudden people seemed to stop buying. Cost were going up but cash was drying up. Crops began to fail, food cost went up, people didn’t need the washers and appliances anymore. People had lost God during those so called good times. Some were still going but in the cities it was not high on the list of things to do. Evangelist Billy Sunday was in decline and no one stepped up to take his place.
In October of 1929 the bottom fell out of the stock market. Prices fell dramatically and nothing seemed to work to get it up going. Many self made millionaires lost fortunes those 3 days. Soon after this the long drought hit the corn and wheat belts and the great depression was on. Going to stop here for a rest and to get things lined out for the next 2 parts.


Since I am not getting any feed back I will continue this until I am satisfied I am done with the subject. I like to watch movies and I am a history buff. Whatever hits me at the time. I have touched on why I feel man is sinful and what I feel about atheist, and racist and Darwinist. Most of what I put down was ancient history. Well man has evolved some what, but we are no different from then, we are still sinful. Take the 20th century, Just finished the Spanish American war in 1898, Europe not fighting at this moment. Autos just now coming out and Industrial Revolution really getting going every where. 1903 Wright brothers have the first flight. Things are looking good.
Some of the things that haven’t changed is the poor are very poor and the rich are getting richer and only a small middle class. Sound familiar. Monarchies are still in place in most of Europe but contention was in the air in several countries.I cannot tell you who was head of each country or even the names of them back then but all hell was about to break lose. I will not give you all the details because you either know them or you can look it up. In 1914 the Arch Duke Ferdinand was shot and killed in Sarajevo. It truly led to world war. More than 16 MILLION died. That was just soldiers from the different armies. Close to 30 Million civilians. While this was going on the Russian Revolution began in 1917. Millions more dead. The biggest killer in 1918 was a flue out break world wide. Many that survived the fighting died of the flue before they could get home. Of course every one spread it all over the world it spread even faster by the troops coming home. It affected 500 million and killed 50 to 100 million. Well what did we learn from all that death and destruction. Very little, not to have trench warfare, Tanks are good and so are planes. Make your enemy live in trash and don’t help them at all. League of Nations was founded but it was useless like the U N today. Sad thing is we didn’t stay out of the UN like we did the League. Darwinism was beginning to take hold as was many kinds of philosophies. after the war Christianity rose in some countries but others Russian, Germany, Eastern Europe, France it was going down or taken out by the leaders of those countries. Time to end.


This is hard to write but I know it to be true. Man was born in sin and will continue to sin. If you are a Christian your sins and short comings are covered by Jesus blood but you know you are not perfect also. The first gripe I will here from an atheist or even Darwinist is that religions have wars. Yes they have. So have the none religious. I will disagree with any one that says religion is the main cause of war. Especially Jews and Christians. Egyptians is one of the oldest nations on earth. How many wars has it fought since before the Pyramids. Most drawings on the walls tell of wars the Pharos were in and the great conquest. Religious wars, no, conquest for gold, land, men and women. Next were the Phoenicians, how did they grow in power, wars. Same with the Greeks, Macedonians, Babylonians and Persians. Most conquered because they could. Lack of a better term, for the hell of it. It wasn’t religion that Athens and Sparta hated each other Or that Darius invaded Greece. It wasn’t religion that Babylon invaded Israel and Judea. God’s word tells why a lot of these happened or at least that they would happen. Most many years before hand. Wars are caused by greed, lust of power, a need for something the other land has. Those cause wars and the reasons they are fought now.
Atheism will never stop wars from happening because they will never control man’s nature for violence. Evolution has had 6 thousand years to stop war and man is still evil. Jesus is the only way man can overcome evil and he does that by hog tying the devil. We on earth will have to go through more violence and war before Jesus comes again but He is coming and He will judge the world. Only by His blood will we be saved from eternal death. Feel free to leave a message even if you disagree.


Too long between parts but I had problems with the computer and been getting ideas about part 3. It has also snowed and very cold. I long for the days when I would get out and hunt. But my body and especially my back is a long ways from being young. Besides a crossbow is too heavy to carry. Another side step, Eagles, lions game is snowing. I love these games.
Now Christians. For me a Christian is some one that has accepted Jesus as Savior and living that way. Jesus born of the virgin Mary, lived a perfect life, did miracles, died on the cross and rose again and is at the Father’s right hand. Many say they are “Christian” but their life doesn’t show it. Every one messes up sometime but if you are living for Him then it should show every day. For some going to church is all they need others they have always believed so that is good enough. I will never tell a person they are wrong but the Book says you must be born again. People that belong to the Catholic Church, Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses, I will let God decide. People that aren’t, are the ones that say they have the only way to God or the ones that hate others and say they have Christ in their hearts. On the net I will debate a muslim, atheist, Aryan Nazi groups, or Darwinist. All have haters and like to spread that hate. Some will debate me in a very well mannered way others won’t matter what I put down they won’t listen. I just try to put down the Truth as I know it and go from there. If some think that I an putting down a hate message then I quick as possible try to put things straight. Well it is time to dust this a little bit to make a big point.
Atheist are the worst but they have no idea what the Bible or what Jesus has said about many things. 2 biggest gripes from them are religious wars and no exact dates for Christ life and death.
The wars come in 2 phases. Lately it has been the wars the Hebrew tribes had to fight other people and the Hebrews end up having to kill everyone in that city or battle. Before I read everything that chapter had to offer I often thought that was cruel. But God was protecting His people from the sins of those people. Every time they didn’t obey God no matter what it was they would fall into sin. They didn’t always slaughter the women and children but it was always for their good.
Second was the wars the Catholic church waged against whomever they wanted. These were never from God. Whether it was the crusades, the Huogonauts or the conquering the new world. It was usually some Pope that wanted gold or thought his jobs was about to be taken over. You know what I am talking about.
Time to end this part and finish the snow game.


The atheist insist there is no God. As most of them put it, we believe in a fairy tale. But they cannot say why man is evil. They will tell you that man will evolve out of this if religion is not a factor. But does that make any sense. Is the person that kills for any reason a religious person. Oh I haven’t forgotten the crazy that says god made him do it but they are just that crazy. Is it the religious person that cheats his boss or the person that commits fraud. Now as I said there is sin and sometimes a church goer will do something that surprises us all. Most of the time it will not be the religious.
I use the term religious because to an atheist we are all the same. It is hard to put the Hindu, Buddhist, Jew and Muslim and Christian in the same category but to the atheist there is no difference. You and I know different. Buddhist really have no morality except to be good. That is very vague and they are as a religion. It is a sin to kill an animal even for food but if they are pushed come to shove they will kill you if you are a threat to them or there religion. Same with Hindus, caste systems, wars against other religions and even wars against each other if you have something they want. Neither are true peace, loving, you are my brother religions.
Jews are the hardest for me to understand because I know so very little about the modern day Jew. Like most they have different sects as they did during Christ time. I will put them in 3 categories though that may not be fair to them. First are the Orthodox, for me that means they go to Temple on the Sabbath and observe the holidays. Second are the ultra Orthodox the ones that are pushy and dress like 1900 Jews of eastern Europe. They even carry Uzis in Israel. They are looking for the Messiah to come but they are still looking in the wrong place. The want the great general while they should be looking for the great Redeemer. Then there is the Jew by birth or heritage. Usually non believers in god but they never get far from their heritage in case they are wrong. They are the ones that are in Israel now and in leadership.
The Muslims are also a hard people to figure out. There are at least 3 sects of them and I don’t the difference to tell you much about them. I do know the Sunnis and Shiites don’t get along because one believes Mohamed’s brother was a great man and the others didn’t. I have known few Muslims but one I did know was from Iran and the kindest gentlest person I have ever known. Ali was a student at Ark. Tech. This was before the Shah was disposed of. I am scared he is dead now being the wrong kind of Muslim after the Shah was kicked out. A close friend lived in Pakistan all his life and met all sects and he has said for the most part they will cheat and steal from you and do not consider it a sin unless they are caught. I know of one former Muslim lady and she says everything about it is evil. So I am at an impasse on how to categorize them. But Allah is not the same as the God of Abraham of the Bible. End part 2


Not sure how this will turn out. Might be an epic or a big joke. Since I maybe the only one to read it I guess it doesn’t matter. Mankind and where we are now. Deep huh. I have always believed in the Bible and the stories we learn from them. That includes Adam and Eve. It leaves a lot of questions that will never be resolved while we are living. We won’t find any archeology artifacts or any bones that old. We just either believe it or we don’t. What makes me believe it is we are not good people. We are sinners. Adam and Eve was made perfect. They did not know how to lie, cheat or steal. They had it perfect in their lives. All the food that they could ask for, animals to take care of and enjoy. That includes the big cats and elephants. We don’t know how long they were in Paradise before the serpent came and helped them sin but I think it was long enough for them to know they had it good. We all know the story how the serpent came and deceived Eve and Adam. Adam was right there beside her or behind her instead of taking the lead. Yes guys that is how it should be. We should lead and take charge. For me that is a lessoned learned too late. Women will take charge and it isn’t always wrong. Sometimes they have too either the husband won’t or can’t take charge. When they try too and their is no need for them to or they want to take charge that when the problems comes in just as the garden. That is enough of that before I get way over my head. They both sinned and got kicked out. Things didn’t get any better. 2 sons that should have been best friends but one turned out to murder the other.
Well this isn’t supposed to be a Bible lesson but I wanted a foundation for my feelings. Do you ever go to the Yahoo news section and read the stories or blogs. Some are really interesting and some are trash. Again that is my saying that. I am a conservative and you might have a different idea about things. If you want to save the whales or have ideas about solar or green energy that are different from me that is okay. Really. Those things are not worth fighting over or especially losing a friend over. What gets me are the racist, war mongers and atheist and sinners that love their sin. I am going to write more about all this but this is getting long. Time to split this up.