Not sure how this will turn out. Might be an epic or a big joke. Since I maybe the only one to read it I guess it doesn’t matter. Mankind and where we are now. Deep huh. I have always believed in the Bible and the stories we learn from them. That includes Adam and Eve. It leaves a lot of questions that will never be resolved while we are living. We won’t find any archeology artifacts or any bones that old. We just either believe it or we don’t. What makes me believe it is we are not good people. We are sinners. Adam and Eve was made perfect. They did not know how to lie, cheat or steal. They had it perfect in their lives. All the food that they could ask for, animals to take care of and enjoy. That includes the big cats and elephants. We don’t know how long they were in Paradise before the serpent came and helped them sin but I think it was long enough for them to know they had it good. We all know the story how the serpent came and deceived Eve and Adam. Adam was right there beside her or behind her instead of taking the lead. Yes guys that is how it should be. We should lead and take charge. For me that is a lessoned learned too late. Women will take charge and it isn’t always wrong. Sometimes they have too either the husband won’t or can’t take charge. When they try too and their is no need for them to or they want to take charge that when the problems comes in just as the garden. That is enough of that before I get way over my head. They both sinned and got kicked out. Things didn’t get any better. 2 sons that should have been best friends but one turned out to murder the other.
Well this isn’t supposed to be a Bible lesson but I wanted a foundation for my feelings. Do you ever go to the Yahoo news section and read the stories or blogs. Some are really interesting and some are trash. Again that is my saying that. I am a conservative and you might have a different idea about things. If you want to save the whales or have ideas about solar or green energy that are different from me that is okay. Really. Those things are not worth fighting over or especially losing a friend over. What gets me are the racist, war mongers and atheist and sinners that love their sin. I am going to write more about all this but this is getting long. Time to split this up.


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