The atheist insist there is no God. As most of them put it, we believe in a fairy tale. But they cannot say why man is evil. They will tell you that man will evolve out of this if religion is not a factor. But does that make any sense. Is the person that kills for any reason a religious person. Oh I haven’t forgotten the crazy that says god made him do it but they are just that crazy. Is it the religious person that cheats his boss or the person that commits fraud. Now as I said there is sin and sometimes a church goer will do something that surprises us all. Most of the time it will not be the religious.
I use the term religious because to an atheist we are all the same. It is hard to put the Hindu, Buddhist, Jew and Muslim and Christian in the same category but to the atheist there is no difference. You and I know different. Buddhist really have no morality except to be good. That is very vague and they are as a religion. It is a sin to kill an animal even for food but if they are pushed come to shove they will kill you if you are a threat to them or there religion. Same with Hindus, caste systems, wars against other religions and even wars against each other if you have something they want. Neither are true peace, loving, you are my brother religions.
Jews are the hardest for me to understand because I know so very little about the modern day Jew. Like most they have different sects as they did during Christ time. I will put them in 3 categories though that may not be fair to them. First are the Orthodox, for me that means they go to Temple on the Sabbath and observe the holidays. Second are the ultra Orthodox the ones that are pushy and dress like 1900 Jews of eastern Europe. They even carry Uzis in Israel. They are looking for the Messiah to come but they are still looking in the wrong place. The want the great general while they should be looking for the great Redeemer. Then there is the Jew by birth or heritage. Usually non believers in god but they never get far from their heritage in case they are wrong. They are the ones that are in Israel now and in leadership.
The Muslims are also a hard people to figure out. There are at least 3 sects of them and I don’t the difference to tell you much about them. I do know the Sunnis and Shiites don’t get along because one believes Mohamed’s brother was a great man and the others didn’t. I have known few Muslims but one I did know was from Iran and the kindest gentlest person I have ever known. Ali was a student at Ark. Tech. This was before the Shah was disposed of. I am scared he is dead now being the wrong kind of Muslim after the Shah was kicked out. A close friend lived in Pakistan all his life and met all sects and he has said for the most part they will cheat and steal from you and do not consider it a sin unless they are caught. I know of one former Muslim lady and she says everything about it is evil. So I am at an impasse on how to categorize them. But Allah is not the same as the God of Abraham of the Bible. End part 2


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