Too long between parts but I had problems with the computer and been getting ideas about part 3. It has also snowed and very cold. I long for the days when I would get out and hunt. But my body and especially my back is a long ways from being young. Besides a crossbow is too heavy to carry. Another side step, Eagles, lions game is snowing. I love these games.
Now Christians. For me a Christian is some one that has accepted Jesus as Savior and living that way. Jesus born of the virgin Mary, lived a perfect life, did miracles, died on the cross and rose again and is at the Father’s right hand. Many say they are “Christian” but their life doesn’t show it. Every one messes up sometime but if you are living for Him then it should show every day. For some going to church is all they need others they have always believed so that is good enough. I will never tell a person they are wrong but the Book says you must be born again. People that belong to the Catholic Church, Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses, I will let God decide. People that aren’t, are the ones that say they have the only way to God or the ones that hate others and say they have Christ in their hearts. On the net I will debate a muslim, atheist, Aryan Nazi groups, or Darwinist. All have haters and like to spread that hate. Some will debate me in a very well mannered way others won’t matter what I put down they won’t listen. I just try to put down the Truth as I know it and go from there. If some think that I an putting down a hate message then I quick as possible try to put things straight. Well it is time to dust this a little bit to make a big point.
Atheist are the worst but they have no idea what the Bible or what Jesus has said about many things. 2 biggest gripes from them are religious wars and no exact dates for Christ life and death.
The wars come in 2 phases. Lately it has been the wars the Hebrew tribes had to fight other people and the Hebrews end up having to kill everyone in that city or battle. Before I read everything that chapter had to offer I often thought that was cruel. But God was protecting His people from the sins of those people. Every time they didn’t obey God no matter what it was they would fall into sin. They didn’t always slaughter the women and children but it was always for their good.
Second was the wars the Catholic church waged against whomever they wanted. These were never from God. Whether it was the crusades, the Huogonauts or the conquering the new world. It was usually some Pope that wanted gold or thought his jobs was about to be taken over. You know what I am talking about.
Time to end this part and finish the snow game.


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