This is hard to write but I know it to be true. Man was born in sin and will continue to sin. If you are a Christian your sins and short comings are covered by Jesus blood but you know you are not perfect also. The first gripe I will here from an atheist or even Darwinist is that religions have wars. Yes they have. So have the none religious. I will disagree with any one that says religion is the main cause of war. Especially Jews and Christians. Egyptians is one of the oldest nations on earth. How many wars has it fought since before the Pyramids. Most drawings on the walls tell of wars the Pharos were in and the great conquest. Religious wars, no, conquest for gold, land, men and women. Next were the Phoenicians, how did they grow in power, wars. Same with the Greeks, Macedonians, Babylonians and Persians. Most conquered because they could. Lack of a better term, for the hell of it. It wasn’t religion that Athens and Sparta hated each other Or that Darius invaded Greece. It wasn’t religion that Babylon invaded Israel and Judea. God’s word tells why a lot of these happened or at least that they would happen. Most many years before hand. Wars are caused by greed, lust of power, a need for something the other land has. Those cause wars and the reasons they are fought now.
Atheism will never stop wars from happening because they will never control man’s nature for violence. Evolution has had 6 thousand years to stop war and man is still evil. Jesus is the only way man can overcome evil and he does that by hog tying the devil. We on earth will have to go through more violence and war before Jesus comes again but He is coming and He will judge the world. Only by His blood will we be saved from eternal death. Feel free to leave a message even if you disagree.


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