Since I am not getting any feed back I will continue this until I am satisfied I am done with the subject. I like to watch movies and I am a history buff. Whatever hits me at the time. I have touched on why I feel man is sinful and what I feel about atheist, and racist and Darwinist. Most of what I put down was ancient history. Well man has evolved some what, but we are no different from then, we are still sinful. Take the 20th century, Just finished the Spanish American war in 1898, Europe not fighting at this moment. Autos just now coming out and Industrial Revolution really getting going every where. 1903 Wright brothers have the first flight. Things are looking good.
Some of the things that haven’t changed is the poor are very poor and the rich are getting richer and only a small middle class. Sound familiar. Monarchies are still in place in most of Europe but contention was in the air in several countries.I cannot tell you who was head of each country or even the names of them back then but all hell was about to break lose. I will not give you all the details because you either know them or you can look it up. In 1914 the Arch Duke Ferdinand was shot and killed in Sarajevo. It truly led to world war. More than 16 MILLION died. That was just soldiers from the different armies. Close to 30 Million civilians. While this was going on the Russian Revolution began in 1917. Millions more dead. The biggest killer in 1918 was a flue out break world wide. Many that survived the fighting died of the flue before they could get home. Of course every one spread it all over the world it spread even faster by the troops coming home. It affected 500 million and killed 50 to 100 million. Well what did we learn from all that death and destruction. Very little, not to have trench warfare, Tanks are good and so are planes. Make your enemy live in trash and don’t help them at all. League of Nations was founded but it was useless like the U N today. Sad thing is we didn’t stay out of the UN like we did the League. Darwinism was beginning to take hold as was many kinds of philosophies. after the war Christianity rose in some countries but others Russian, Germany, Eastern Europe, France it was going down or taken out by the leaders of those countries. Time to end.


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