45 million killed by war in Europe and the Middle East. Monarchies are falling like flies but what to put in their place. In some places anarchy and small wars broke out that were never fully finished. Democracy was tried in only a few places and fascism and communism seemed to battle for different places. Again I won’t try to go too deep in who got what because you either know or can look it up also. I would get something wrong and make this whole thing look bad besides. But first lets look into the US and look at her condition. The 20’s a time of false hope and security. The big war is over, the remnants of the flue is dying out and the country is feeling good. The anti-alcohol movement was taking place and in 1920 prohibition was law. That law would not have affected me in the least if I had been living then but it was a law that couldn’t be enforced. Whether the law is no drinking, sodomy or any other moral law it nearly impossible to enforce. Not that I think those things are ok but people will sin doesn’t matter the law. What we don’t have to do is make those immoral things okay or easy to do. No gay marriage laws. Make sure the minor and drunk driving laws are enforced. What else was going on was the stock market. This had been in place for many years but it really took off now. I think people that had money thought it was an easy way to protect their money. Money and the people that had it was wanting more and thought this was an easy way of doing things. The farmers were making money because the seasons were producing rain and snow at the right times and amounts. Even the poor had jobs though they weren’t making much money. Times were good and things were looking up. Before I move on I should say there was much violence during the 20s with the illegal booze and gambling going on produced gangsters like Al Capone and several others. They were making money from the illegal booze and banks were doing well and that led to killers like Bonnie and Clyde.
Even with all the illegal junk going on over all the country was doing well. But in 1929 the world seemed to collapse. Goods were being built homes and cars were ready for sale but all of a sudden people seemed to stop buying. Cost were going up but cash was drying up. Crops began to fail, food cost went up, people didn’t need the washers and appliances anymore. People had lost God during those so called good times. Some were still going but in the cities it was not high on the list of things to do. Evangelist Billy Sunday was in decline and no one stepped up to take his place.
In October of 1929 the bottom fell out of the stock market. Prices fell dramatically and nothing seemed to work to get it up going. Many self made millionaires lost fortunes those 3 days. Soon after this the long drought hit the corn and wheat belts and the great depression was on. Going to stop here for a rest and to get things lined out for the next 2 parts.


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