Mankind PT 7 Continued.

I don’t know if I left you knowing what was happening across the US back in the thirties or not but it is time to move on. This is part 7 continued because I am going to share more of the thirties but in Europe. I have said I am a history buff but most of this will be off the top of my head so please if you find something wrong let me know. The 20’s in Europe was rebuilding time for most of Europe but not for every one. England was recovering from the death many young men. Some were the top of every college and for some schools whole classes were wiped out. Not just 1 or 2 but all 4 or close to it. France was about the same. It and England got some winners money from Germany, Austria, and the now defunct Ottoman Empire. Each took some of the middle east after the war. More on that later. Both countries reduced the armies and did little in the way of rebuilding either armies. France did build the Maginot Line but no tanks or air power of any kind. Great Britain did have the best Navy in the world at this time but It wasn’t until later that they began to produce airplanes for war. It wasn’t until too late did they see Germany rising and the power it weld. Both thought war was a thing of the past.
Germany during the 20s was rebuilding but more than just infrastructure. It had a large power gap that had to be filled. They didn’t want a Kaiser to lead or any royalty. Many factions came about in a short time. Communist, Fascist, libertarians and plenty of anarchist. Germany, Austria, and Hungary were supposed to have any armies or building any supplies for war, tanks, planes, or large weapons of any sort. But as I said earlier The League of Nations was supposed to handle all of this mess. But they didn’t have the money or the power to do the things needed to be done. Going to quit here . A lot more to come but my eyes have had enough.


One thought on “Mankind PT 7 Continued.

  1. Hey Ben, this is good stuff.

    I have a thought for you. As you get into the nazis, check out the parallels between the Zionist movement and antisemitism which put Hitler in power. The parallels are amazing!

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