MANKIND PART 8 Hitler and Germany

I am getting help by the internet on some of this but I will try to keep from getting full quotes or lines from different articles. I am saying this for 2 reasons, I am trying very hard to put everything down in my words but I am getting help so don’t get the idea I am a genius on these topics. At the end of part 7 I was just getting into Germany and the politics and why it went the ways it did after WW1. First thing is the defeat in its self. Germany more surrendered before more damage was done than really losing that it couldn’t go on. It could not have lasted much longer as it could not arm, feed, and pay the soldiers for much longer. From what I have read there was no decisive battle or blow that ended the war. That is very important to understand so we can understand the German way of thinking between wars. Next came the surrender terms and the Treat of Versailles. It made Germany say it started the war, which it disclaims, made to pay damages to the winning countries and was told never to rebuild the army. All of this was signed by then the powers in leadership in 1919. As I also said in my last part was the Kaiser was soon out of power and a void came in for several tears. One of the new parties that appeared was the Workers Party. Not much work going on but it had the right name for the time. These parties would speak where ever allowed. At beer halls, parks , civic centers and even churches. Remember who was around at these times, communist, anarchist, loyalist, fascist, and new one the block the Nazis. The workers party went onto be named Nation Socialist German Workers Party or Nazis. Hitler was not the founder of the party or the leader at first but he made the right friends, spoke the right language [ German, Aryan power, and anti-Semitism]. According to them, they did not lose the war, the bureaucrats stole the war from them. Germany and the Aryan race was a special breed that was meant to rule the world. Third but not least the Jews was the ruination of Germany and of Europe. It sounds to far fetched to be true but Germany was in a void right then and that was going to be filled either with good or evil. Looking at the other parties and the leadership none were very good and all would have been used for Satan to Kill, Steal and Destroy. One more thing before I quit for the night. Hitler was a great orator. The way the Nazis used him and the voice that he had could hold people for long periods at a time. My answer to the short little corporal, he was demon possessed and it probably happened in prison.


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