There is nothing I can say about Adolf Hitler that hasn’t been said or written about but for a bringing together my different areas I think I need to have a back ground and say a few things about him.
He was brought up Catholic but his parents were not strong believers either in the church or God. He went to a Catholic school and hated it. This is my take of what happened. It was a very strict school and Adolf wasn’t used to being disciplined (though some say his dad beat him, he never had much structure at home) He wasn’t an A student and only cared about art. He was intelligent and I think the school misread him. After school he took his drawings to different schools of art but never got in. Good but not great. Soon came WW1. He was made a courier of messages to and from the front trenches to Head Quarters. This is also where he got his political beliefs worked out. Lunch either in the mess hall or in the front lines always brought about talk of politics and how the world should be ran. He was injured on one of his many trips to the front. Though not a near death wound it was serious enough he wasn’t allowed to be a courier any more. He also received a medal The Iron Cross 2nd degree and later the Iron Cross 1rst degree. Also the a medal similar to our Purple Heart. Later being close to the front he got some mustard gas that he spent several weeks in the hospital. While there the war ended and receiving the word that Germany lost it is said he went blind for a while.
Before I go further Hitler was raised in Austria and was in an Austrian regiment. He as an adult always considered himself a German. I will try to speed things up some without losing any main points, I hope.
After the war Hitler found a job spying on political parties. But while spying he stated speaking his mind and soon he got a following. The Nazi party started with a few frustrated war vets in a bar.
His party started to grow, and held meetings any where they could. While still a fairly small group they stormed Munich city hall. He got arrested and sent to prison for 5 years. He only spent 1. While in there he wrote Mein Kamp. I am guessing but I feel like this might be the time satan came and took over his life. He also was allowed to give his speeches and after he was released many guards were soon a part of the Nazi party. His jailing only made him a hero to many. Ending this now. I feel like I am spending too much time on this so I hope to speed things up next time. Thanks and always feel free to comment.


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