Part 9 Germany and what leads to war.

The German Parliament was up for grabs for whomever wanted it. The Nazis started out small in 1930 and by 1933 they had enough delegates to chose the new Chancellor, Adolf Hitler. Once in power he started out quick and maneuvered to have total control and didn’t let the opposition have any power or veto power. He ran on 3 main ideas. Germany and its people were superior to all others, Jews were evil and all that is bad were because of them. It was time for Germany to again show its superiority. The world was still in a depression but Hitler put people to work making war materials. Every thing, guns, bombs, tanks, planes and uniforms. This was against the 1918 treaties, of course by this time the League of Nations was void of any power and useless. There are so many things that would be good in a history book but this isn’t the place. But 3 things we have to know. Hitler hated Jews, thought he and the Aryans were better than anyone else and destined to rule the world. He also didn’t care how these things came about. Jews from the very beginning were treated bad. Arrested for walking down the street, being too close to a gentile woman. Soon the shops and work places were being broken into and burned. Gypsies, Jews, Communist, Jehovah Witnesses were all on the hit list. Later it was to be expanded to the mentally and physical handicapped, Christians that didn’t follow him and anyone that helped a Jew.
This same country was to hold the 1936 Olympics. Some sources say that most of the housing and arenas that were built was mostly done by slave labor. Where was the rest of the world while the awful things were going on. Mostly absorbed in their own troubles. That is not to sound mean toward them but many countries were still reeling from W. W. 1. The U.S. was trying to feed the country as well as finding jobs. Britain and France had their own countries to worry about. Beside it was Jews that had the problem, a small minority that nobody cared for. It was the perfect time for Hitler and his plans for Germany, all of them. More later.


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