I thought I would give my self a break from the book I seem to be writing. Besides being on the computer the things you will catch me doing the day time is reading Tom Clancy, or watching NCIS. Maybe in a couple of years they will have a 24 hour channel of the episodes. I would be tuned in a lot. I missed most of the first year so it took me a while to catch up but with the first 2 years. Thankfully DVD’s were coming out then and I was able to catch up. I have liked all the characters but of course some more than others. When Kate was killed off I thought that was a big mistake. That was before I found out Sasha wanted off the show. Looking back it probably helped the show advance the characters and it gave me a deeper reason to get into the characters. Let’s go down the list and you can see my evaluation of them. Not that it matters but why not. [1] Gibbs, of course everyone’s favorite and rightly so. By no means a fathers knows best type of guy but a person that cares about his team and his job. I am always trying to figure out how we [me and Gibbs] would get along. We could communicate but I might find myself being treated like the early Jimmy Palmer.[2] DiNozzo, I would hope we would get along. I like movies and sports but I am afraid it would stop right there. Though he has changed for the good for the most part, his ego would drive me crazy. But over the years of watching I think you must have one to survive the life they have to go through. He would been fun an a Saturday night if he was sober.
[3] McGee, We definitely would get along and maybe buds but not close friends. Too intelligent and I could not keep up with his gaming. Hearts and Bejewled 3 are my games, Not zombies and shootem up army games. Nothing wrong with those but over my head.[4] Kate would be nice to know. A sister type lady. If we were ever to meet we could be friends though not much beyond that. She had values and kept them. A very nice trait.[5] Ziva, wow what I wouldn’t do for a night out with her. I would wine her and dine her and try to find a place with music we could dance to or even maybe a bar and listen to a blues band. But after that night she probably would find out we don’t have much in common and she would graciously bow out of any more. Buds but not friends. But I would have to say I could beat anyone she has had on the show. Not that it was bad casting but she only knows people like that and people tend to lean that way in relationships, even if they are harmful.[6] Ducky would be fun but too old and [6] Palmer the same but too young. Besides he is married now. That leaves[7] ABBY. She would be fun on a date but she seems more eccentric than I am used too. Too much Caff Pow and maybe too much of a party girl. Bowling would be fun but not with the nuns. We also would have communication problems after a while. I wouldn’t be able to meet with any of the Directors because I would never be in the same places to meet them. I will say this I never cared about Jenny Shepard, even though she was supposed to have brought us Ziva.
Tom Clancy, he is my favorite author today. I am reading his last book about Jack Ryan,” Command Authority”. I have read all the other Ryan Books and have liked each one. The first was my favorite ” Hunt for Red October”. I learned a lot about submarines from that book. His second book ” World War Three” is my second favorite. It isn’t a Jack Ryan Book but very exciting and keeps you interested in the whole thing. I wish they would make a movie about it. ” The Sum of All Fears was the bloodiest and scariest of all the books. It was about terrorist that found a lost nuclear bomb and it was used at a Super bowl game. The last 4 has been more about Jack’s son Jack Jr. Not in the same class as his dad but he has his moments. I don’t want to give away anything so I will stop now. God Bless ya.


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