Last Tuesday a man of God left us to be with Jesus. His name is Don Leetch. I first met Don when I was going to a small fellowship in Lincoln. We would sometimes come over for a Sunday night service. Don or Dean would do the preaching and they always had a good word for us. That was before Out Reach really leaned more charismatic. Please don’t get hung up on my words or phrases . If Out Reach had known what we do today I do think Angels would have been seen in the Church. I am glad I got to hear Don then and meet such a fine man. Several years later I was able to be a member of the Church and he remembered me and why. I was able to use him several times as a mentor and teacher. If he couldn’t meet me when I thought was a good time he either said how about now or he gave me a time when we would have lots of time together. Due to circumstances beyond my control I couldn’t stay there very long but a friendship had been formed and was never distinguished no matter how long we were separated. Now that was never very long because no matter where in Siloam I went to church, he always made time for me just as if I had never left Out Reach. I did use him also. My spirit let me know Don had God’s spirit. That is nothing new to the hundreds or more that got to know Don during his 88 years. I have no vision or quest to be like Don. He always said be yourself and be like Christ. Leola his wife has said if we have given you something to pass it on. What I can, I hope I will.
I know Don is being Blessed more than ever now and I hope I can bless people close to like Don and his family has. God Bless You All.


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