No I am not cursing the, H is short for Huffington Post. But I did get kicked of the comment pages. I guess it is okay to cuss out another commentator on an article no matter what side they are on, but you can’t call the Post a piece of crap. I may said the writer wrote a piece of junk also but I did not cuss any one. The Post is a very liberal magazine that has articles during the week on the net. I always try to get my two cents in. What is bad about the Post lately is the assumption that the ACA and the way it is being handled is fine and nothing is wrong. Well I disagreed and told them what I thought of the article but the ACA and why I think it is doomed. If the c word is too much for you I apologize.
I saw the movie Noah today. Overall I did not like it. I thought Arafonsky took too much liberty with a short well defined scripture. If his name is misspelled I am sorry. The first half was bearable but the second was junk. Bill Cosby and his take has more scripture in it. I saw the Life Of PI and I liked it. It kept me interested and told a good story. Noah did neither. No details here and if you want to see it okay but if you like it I will be surprised.
While I am all riled up, President Obama may do another crazy thing. I read today that he is in Saudi Arabia talking to his buddies. What upset me is he now is thinking about sending some missiles to the rebels in Syria. In case you didn’t know they are Al Quaida rebels, the same group that flew into the Trade Centers. If that isn’t impeachable then nothing is. I hope it will take a congress say so before this is done.
I have several much loved liberal friends that will disagree with my next statements but I hope they will still love me. If things keep up this country of ours is going to hell. I do blame Obama for part of this but it was beginning even before he got into office. I have no idea who the majority of people are in this country or what area they lean too. I want to take this democrat, republican out of the equation. We have killed over 56 million babies since Roe vs Wade. Second deviants like homosexuality are being called normal. They even want to marry. I am always having people point out that 13 states have now made this legal. But I think 5 or 6 have had judges turn over what the people wanted. Atheist have taken over Education in several states and major colleges. Churches are being blocked out of mainstream USA. Many non believers have said Christians are anti freedom, anti women, want sharia law and want the dark ages back. Please those of you that are liberals is Christianity for those things or are we the only ones that put the love of Christ first. I am not against the poor from having food stamps or welfare where it it is needed. A turning point or a point of no return is coming and our country will be judged. Not you and I for we are covered by His blood. We will soon have the beast and the antichrist in the world. How our country goes now will lead us either under them or we will be against them. Either will be hard on people. My take is we will be here on earth at that time. I could be wrong and won’t shed a tear if I am. Got too stop. Please comment and please this is me blowing more than me trying to change you or the world.



Today Hobby Lobby is defending its rights, religious beliefs. They are telling the government that it is against the owners Christian values to pay for abortions of any type. Anything that could kill a fetus after conception. If you are for abortion then you are dead set against this and religious rights have no bearing in this case. But that is prejudicial against the case from the beginning. This isn’t pro choice or pro life it is a religious freedom. The law of the land right now is anyone can get an abortion. That is the law. The problem is who is going to pay for that abortion. Hobby Lobby is saying that is murder and they shouldn’t have any part of this. The government, Obama, is saying that a corporation has no rights and shouldn’t be excused from this. The owners have set up a business that is closed on Sunday, pay a decent wage, gives overtime, and I think they are closed most holidays though that might be wrong on my part. Right now they are making a good profit and sharing that with their employees. They have stayed true to the values they show on Sunday, every other day also.
Some people put corporations in darknes. To them they are all bad. Unless you are some one that absolutely no need for fuel, lumber, food,or transportation you have a need for corporations. Me, I have a 36 inch TV, A TRACFONE, AND A MAZDA TRUCK. All MADE BY CORPORATIONS. Do some of them mess up, sure do. Do you ,I and the government need to keep an eye on them, sure why not. But most are not cheats or thieves or slave drivers. Do they make a lot of money some do. Others struggle quarter to quarter. What they do with that money is for them and the Lord to decide not me. Why should I have a say. For those of you that say that there is too much disparity of earnings I say that is not your business. Again the 1% has that money. How do you spread the wealth? I have never been answered when I have asked that question. How do you do that? The CEO’S are not going to meet you at Burger King and hand out money. Some say tax them more. Sure most could afford more taxes but it would also give them an excuse to raise prices. If you get your tax then how is that going to help you. There is nothing Obama, Reid or Pelosi has said that you will receive one dime of it. Probably more Corporations will though. Ending this. Feel free to comment even if you disagree. I am sharing my thoughts not trying to change the world.

The Times They Are a Changing.

I won’t get this finished in one stroke so when I start back I hope the change won’t be too dramatic. In an hour I will be watching the JBU girls play in the semi finals of the NAIA national tournament. This is a big deal for the girls and the school. They play Oklahoma City University. They have played 3 times and JBU won the last one. OKC is something like 25-3 and ranked in the top 5 most of the year. JBU was ranked 19th.
Time to change to another topic. I am part of a committee for a school reunion. I enjoy this because it gives me a purpose and it is fun to exchange ideas. Got remember everyone isn’t like me so I need to go with the flow sometimes. If things work out we hope to have 200 former PGHS students there June 28th. My class had 6 last time 2 years ago. We are supposed to have our own reunion the day before. I will go but there might be 10 I want to see. If I get to see those or most of them I will go home and wait on Saturday. I like seeing every one from all the years. I have a friend named Ruthie that graduated in the late 40’s. She might be the oldest if she comes. Some how we need to get out the word to teachers also. I am at a lost how to do this other than Face Book. I have probably changed more than most. Not only Physically[fat] but I have changed from that say nothing do nothing guy. I hope all is for the better ,except the fat part. When I was in grade school , short hair for the guys and pony tails for the girls.Small class rooms and shared teachers sometimes. First through the fourth the schools were a block from home. 5th grade new school,cafeteria, and large play area for recess. The Beatles, Dave Clark 5 and the Rolling Stones, changed music and helped bring in a new era. I was in Junior high when things really started to change.Love, peace and love was the motto. Long hair and dope also came to be hip. Prairie Grove was slow to change and it irked a few but for me I guess I had too much red neck to change much. I do remember in 1968 the school had a mock election for President and the Senators. It turned out just like the state elections. Wallace for president, Rockefeller for governor and Fulbright for Senator. I know that is how the state went. I think the school did also. I was the teams manager my last 3 years. It kept me busy and I loved it. The only surprise I really had was getting nominated to go to Boys State. I wish the Ben now could have went instead of the one back then.
Finnish up the JBU girls. They lost tonight by 2 points in the National Tournament. They had the shot to tie the game but missed as time ran out. Really sad but they should always feel proud of their accomplishments. Time too close. Feel free to comment if you want.


Well it has been a year now and I an pretty pleased with most of what I have written. A misspelled word here or there and a few lines that didn’t really make sense but overall I am pleased. The biggest thing is to get my points across to express myself and be true to my self. I am here to speak my mind and not worry about others comment though all are welcome. Truth win out as Muggles say.
The Hogs have beaten Indiana State by 20 tonight in the lowly NIT. JBU boys didn’t make the NAIA but they could have competed in it. What I mean is they could play against anyone. JBU girls have had a great year. A high for most games won, second place in the SAC TOURNEY a new first. They play their first game Thursday night. The PG Tigers boys and girls went to the state tournament but did not win. Siloam Springs got beat the first game.
Well it has snowed 2 Sundays out of 3 this month. Normal March. I expect at least 1 more and won’t be surprised with 2 more snows. Very few days if any for Spring break. Most will be lucky if they aren’t in school in June. Growing up we never went any where for spring break but what I remember is cold days and several snow days in those weeks.
Vacation this year may be short and sweet.Though I have some money left I don’t have enough for Arvest to give me a loan with out taking out money and losing some to taxes. I was really hoping to get that Lazy Boy and bed this spring.
Soon I will be a part of the prayer team. Mostly praying for people after the Sunday service but maybe getting there early and praying for the service it self. Looking forward to this. I hope to improve in this area. God uses me a lot but I hope to use the prophetic for individuals more than He uses me now. More coming soon.


After writing that small book on sin I am at a cross roads at either just keeping up dates on me or putting my 2 cents into today’s news. Both will probably happen so please bear with me as I go back and forth. Also understand these are my own views even though I have been influenced by many things I take responsibility for what I write. Again this isn’t really me trying to change you but me showing you how I feel. Sunday March 2nd we had sleet most of the day and snow, about 2 inches, that night. It was cold Sunday, it was cold Monday and it is cold today. We are supposed to have a high of 39 but I doubt if it makes it. Refreeze tonight then warmer tomorrow. I don’t get out at all until the ice is gone. I have said it before March should be added to February at least the first two weeks.It surprises me more when it doesn’t snow in March, even a late snow is fairly common. Except for tournament play high school and John Brown basketball is done. John Brown’s girls have made great strides this year. The finished 4th in a tough league. I hope they do well and same for the boys. The boys are always enjoyable to watch and always competitive no matter who they play. They got stung by the injury bug right after Christmas and I think lost one to transfer. After losing 8 in a row they won the last 8 of 10. I hope they can win at least 2 and make the NAIA tournament though it also may take 3 games and that is hard to do. The Hawgs may need to win one. I hope they make the NCAA, they are deserving.
This time of year I tend to look toward warm weather and summer vacation. I know a lot of people do also but for me it is really fun to do. My tax money will be all spent by then. I am trying to put enough in the bank so I won’t have too take away from my IRA I have. As I have said in the past I like going to Duluth MN in July. When it might be 100 here it will be 80 up there. Great friends and friends I have met a long the years from up there. Always relaxing.
If I don’t go up there I am going to try to see Monument Valley. Beautiful land and it is where a lot of westerns were made. Kinda like following John Wayne’s footsteps. If my money says no to that then a few days here in Arkansas. Mountain Home or down to Mena and Queen Wilhelmina park. A place I haven’t been to is Mountain View. I will have to check them all out. Well til next time God Bless ya real good.