After writing that small book on sin I am at a cross roads at either just keeping up dates on me or putting my 2 cents into today’s news. Both will probably happen so please bear with me as I go back and forth. Also understand these are my own views even though I have been influenced by many things I take responsibility for what I write. Again this isn’t really me trying to change you but me showing you how I feel. Sunday March 2nd we had sleet most of the day and snow, about 2 inches, that night. It was cold Sunday, it was cold Monday and it is cold today. We are supposed to have a high of 39 but I doubt if it makes it. Refreeze tonight then warmer tomorrow. I don’t get out at all until the ice is gone. I have said it before March should be added to February at least the first two weeks.It surprises me more when it doesn’t snow in March, even a late snow is fairly common. Except for tournament play high school and John Brown basketball is done. John Brown’s girls have made great strides this year. The finished 4th in a tough league. I hope they do well and same for the boys. The boys are always enjoyable to watch and always competitive no matter who they play. They got stung by the injury bug right after Christmas and I think lost one to transfer. After losing 8 in a row they won the last 8 of 10. I hope they can win at least 2 and make the NAIA tournament though it also may take 3 games and that is hard to do. The Hawgs may need to win one. I hope they make the NCAA, they are deserving.
This time of year I tend to look toward warm weather and summer vacation. I know a lot of people do also but for me it is really fun to do. My tax money will be all spent by then. I am trying to put enough in the bank so I won’t have too take away from my IRA I have. As I have said in the past I like going to Duluth MN in July. When it might be 100 here it will be 80 up there. Great friends and friends I have met a long the years from up there. Always relaxing.
If I don’t go up there I am going to try to see Monument Valley. Beautiful land and it is where a lot of westerns were made. Kinda like following John Wayne’s footsteps. If my money says no to that then a few days here in Arkansas. Mountain Home or down to Mena and Queen Wilhelmina park. A place I haven’t been to is Mountain View. I will have to check them all out. Well til next time God Bless ya real good.


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