Well it has been a year now and I an pretty pleased with most of what I have written. A misspelled word here or there and a few lines that didn’t really make sense but overall I am pleased. The biggest thing is to get my points across to express myself and be true to my self. I am here to speak my mind and not worry about others comment though all are welcome. Truth win out as Muggles say.
The Hogs have beaten Indiana State by 20 tonight in the lowly NIT. JBU boys didn’t make the NAIA but they could have competed in it. What I mean is they could play against anyone. JBU girls have had a great year. A high for most games won, second place in the SAC TOURNEY a new first. They play their first game Thursday night. The PG Tigers boys and girls went to the state tournament but did not win. Siloam Springs got beat the first game.
Well it has snowed 2 Sundays out of 3 this month. Normal March. I expect at least 1 more and won’t be surprised with 2 more snows. Very few days if any for Spring break. Most will be lucky if they aren’t in school in June. Growing up we never went any where for spring break but what I remember is cold days and several snow days in those weeks.
Vacation this year may be short and sweet.Though I have some money left I don’t have enough for Arvest to give me a loan with out taking out money and losing some to taxes. I was really hoping to get that Lazy Boy and bed this spring.
Soon I will be a part of the prayer team. Mostly praying for people after the Sunday service but maybe getting there early and praying for the service it self. Looking forward to this. I hope to improve in this area. God uses me a lot but I hope to use the prophetic for individuals more than He uses me now. More coming soon.


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