Today Hobby Lobby is defending its rights, religious beliefs. They are telling the government that it is against the owners Christian values to pay for abortions of any type. Anything that could kill a fetus after conception. If you are for abortion then you are dead set against this and religious rights have no bearing in this case. But that is prejudicial against the case from the beginning. This isn’t pro choice or pro life it is a religious freedom. The law of the land right now is anyone can get an abortion. That is the law. The problem is who is going to pay for that abortion. Hobby Lobby is saying that is murder and they shouldn’t have any part of this. The government, Obama, is saying that a corporation has no rights and shouldn’t be excused from this. The owners have set up a business that is closed on Sunday, pay a decent wage, gives overtime, and I think they are closed most holidays though that might be wrong on my part. Right now they are making a good profit and sharing that with their employees. They have stayed true to the values they show on Sunday, every other day also.
Some people put corporations in darknes. To them they are all bad. Unless you are some one that absolutely no need for fuel, lumber, food,or transportation you have a need for corporations. Me, I have a 36 inch TV, A TRACFONE, AND A MAZDA TRUCK. All MADE BY CORPORATIONS. Do some of them mess up, sure do. Do you ,I and the government need to keep an eye on them, sure why not. But most are not cheats or thieves or slave drivers. Do they make a lot of money some do. Others struggle quarter to quarter. What they do with that money is for them and the Lord to decide not me. Why should I have a say. For those of you that say that there is too much disparity of earnings I say that is not your business. Again the 1% has that money. How do you spread the wealth? I have never been answered when I have asked that question. How do you do that? The CEO’S are not going to meet you at Burger King and hand out money. Some say tax them more. Sure most could afford more taxes but it would also give them an excuse to raise prices. If you get your tax then how is that going to help you. There is nothing Obama, Reid or Pelosi has said that you will receive one dime of it. Probably more Corporations will though. Ending this. Feel free to comment even if you disagree. I am sharing my thoughts not trying to change the world.


One thought on “CORPORATIONS

  1. Deborah Goff says:

    Ben I am so glad you are writing about what you think about this and that. It is great to hear your “voice.”

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