The Times They Are a Changing.

I won’t get this finished in one stroke so when I start back I hope the change won’t be too dramatic. In an hour I will be watching the JBU girls play in the semi finals of the NAIA national tournament. This is a big deal for the girls and the school. They play Oklahoma City University. They have played 3 times and JBU won the last one. OKC is something like 25-3 and ranked in the top 5 most of the year. JBU was ranked 19th.
Time to change to another topic. I am part of a committee for a school reunion. I enjoy this because it gives me a purpose and it is fun to exchange ideas. Got remember everyone isn’t like me so I need to go with the flow sometimes. If things work out we hope to have 200 former PGHS students there June 28th. My class had 6 last time 2 years ago. We are supposed to have our own reunion the day before. I will go but there might be 10 I want to see. If I get to see those or most of them I will go home and wait on Saturday. I like seeing every one from all the years. I have a friend named Ruthie that graduated in the late 40’s. She might be the oldest if she comes. Some how we need to get out the word to teachers also. I am at a lost how to do this other than Face Book. I have probably changed more than most. Not only Physically[fat] but I have changed from that say nothing do nothing guy. I hope all is for the better ,except the fat part. When I was in grade school , short hair for the guys and pony tails for the girls.Small class rooms and shared teachers sometimes. First through the fourth the schools were a block from home. 5th grade new school,cafeteria, and large play area for recess. The Beatles, Dave Clark 5 and the Rolling Stones, changed music and helped bring in a new era. I was in Junior high when things really started to change.Love, peace and love was the motto. Long hair and dope also came to be hip. Prairie Grove was slow to change and it irked a few but for me I guess I had too much red neck to change much. I do remember in 1968 the school had a mock election for President and the Senators. It turned out just like the state elections. Wallace for president, Rockefeller for governor and Fulbright for Senator. I know that is how the state went. I think the school did also. I was the teams manager my last 3 years. It kept me busy and I loved it. The only surprise I really had was getting nominated to go to Boys State. I wish the Ben now could have went instead of the one back then.
Finnish up the JBU girls. They lost tonight by 2 points in the National Tournament. They had the shot to tie the game but missed as time ran out. Really sad but they should always feel proud of their accomplishments. Time too close. Feel free to comment if you want.


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