No I am not cursing the, H is short for Huffington Post. But I did get kicked of the comment pages. I guess it is okay to cuss out another commentator on an article no matter what side they are on, but you can’t call the Post a piece of crap. I may said the writer wrote a piece of junk also but I did not cuss any one. The Post is a very liberal magazine that has articles during the week on the net. I always try to get my two cents in. What is bad about the Post lately is the assumption that the ACA and the way it is being handled is fine and nothing is wrong. Well I disagreed and told them what I thought of the article but the ACA and why I think it is doomed. If the c word is too much for you I apologize.
I saw the movie Noah today. Overall I did not like it. I thought Arafonsky took too much liberty with a short well defined scripture. If his name is misspelled I am sorry. The first half was bearable but the second was junk. Bill Cosby and his take has more scripture in it. I saw the Life Of PI and I liked it. It kept me interested and told a good story. Noah did neither. No details here and if you want to see it okay but if you like it I will be surprised.
While I am all riled up, President Obama may do another crazy thing. I read today that he is in Saudi Arabia talking to his buddies. What upset me is he now is thinking about sending some missiles to the rebels in Syria. In case you didn’t know they are Al Quaida rebels, the same group that flew into the Trade Centers. If that isn’t impeachable then nothing is. I hope it will take a congress say so before this is done.
I have several much loved liberal friends that will disagree with my next statements but I hope they will still love me. If things keep up this country of ours is going to hell. I do blame Obama for part of this but it was beginning even before he got into office. I have no idea who the majority of people are in this country or what area they lean too. I want to take this democrat, republican out of the equation. We have killed over 56 million babies since Roe vs Wade. Second deviants like homosexuality are being called normal. They even want to marry. I am always having people point out that 13 states have now made this legal. But I think 5 or 6 have had judges turn over what the people wanted. Atheist have taken over Education in several states and major colleges. Churches are being blocked out of mainstream USA. Many non believers have said Christians are anti freedom, anti women, want sharia law and want the dark ages back. Please those of you that are liberals is Christianity for those things or are we the only ones that put the love of Christ first. I am not against the poor from having food stamps or welfare where it it is needed. A turning point or a point of no return is coming and our country will be judged. Not you and I for we are covered by His blood. We will soon have the beast and the antichrist in the world. How our country goes now will lead us either under them or we will be against them. Either will be hard on people. My take is we will be here on earth at that time. I could be wrong and won’t shed a tear if I am. Got too stop. Please comment and please this is me blowing more than me trying to change you or the world.


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