There Shall Be Darkness Spread Throughout The Land.

Sounds like a Bible verse doesn’t it but it is from The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug. He is one on my favorite anti heroes now. He makes a good bad guy. Alan Rickman is a great bad guy. Hans Gruber from the first Die Hard movie was great and he continues to put out great work. He becomes the bad guy and you don’t mind hating him. I know I am slow but by the 3rd Potter movie came out I knew he wasn’t as bad as Harry believed but you still disliked him. Smaug isn’t Rickman, he is Benedict Cumberbatch.
There have been a lot of evil dragons on the big screen and some of them even talked but Smaug beats them all. He does tell Bilbo that he is dead meat but he likes the banter with Bilbo. Bilbo is just trying to hide and get the Arkenstone but soon gets caught up in it also. While the are playing hide and seek and trying to find weak spots, Smaug figured out where Bilbo and his companions have come from. That is where this line comes in. Smaug is in a rage when he says “There Shall Be Darkness Throughout The Land”. There are similar things written throughout the Bible. If you were to only read those parts then you might get frightened and worry about what will happen to you and your family. But God wrote His Word to lift us up and inspire us. Mathew 24 verse 13 says “Those that endures to the end shall be saved”. That has several connotations to me. Jesus is Lord and will save us, not only from our sin but the world around us. It means we may have to endure hardships before that time comes. It means our faith may be tested.It means we need to spread the good news the best we can. It means before the end He shall save us. I am not a bitter person. Either about the future or the past. I am sad about several things that have happened. Most were my mistakes and I have to live with them. Some were completely out of my hands or control and I have to trust God for those things. The hardest was losing my son Marc to cancer at age 16. Sometimes it is still hard to think about. But I need to endure to the end because Jesus has Marc in Heaven and I want to see him some day. If you are a friend of mine and you don’t have the Lord as your Savior feel free to get a hold of me. Just put in comments your name and email address. If you need prayer big or small let me know. Until next time may God Bless you.


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