Mothers Day and PG FUMC

It has been too long since I have done this. Ideas come and go but very few new things really have come to mind. Today is Mothers Day and like last year I went to Prairie Grove to visit the Methodist church there.I enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new people. My sister Janice was there with her husband Marvin. It was nice to be with them. If it wasn’t for them I am not sure when I would go back. Yes the friends are there and family friends, but they have moved to a new building 3 or 4 years ago now. It is a very nice place and I am sure it meets the needs, but it isn’t the beloved building I grew up in. Some of this is just my personality, I hate change. Now most change is for the best. I have now finally come to that conclusion but I want to be dragged into it still sometimes. The old place has a lot of memories in it and it will always be my church no matter who is meeting there. It is very sad that the last service of any kind there was my niece’s Jana’s funeral. But the happy has always out done the sad. Biggest thing for me was I got saved Oct. 15 1970 on a Saturday night there. I may have to try to write about that weekend sometime but it has been over 40 years so the memory may not be as good as it should. The new building has 2 services. The first is a contemporary with the youth in the Choir and sing the newer songs. Pretty good attendance there. Sunday School and then a ‘regular service’. Today there might have been 25 altogether at the second service. Now that is okay if they want to continue,I shouldn’t and don’t have a say, but some day they will need to combine. The one person I will always want to see is Joyce. She is playing the organ still. When I started going to that church she was playing the organ. I was three. She is a cornerstone to that church no matter where they meet.


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