Who are you and what have you done with Ben or Which is truly the real me.

I am not sure if this will ever make sense but it has bugged me for a long time. Does a person truly change personalities sometimes or are you just fooling yourself. This isn’t supposed to be fiction so if you disagree then that is okay but please tell me where you feel I missed it. My first memories were in here in Arkansas. I was three when my family moved to Prairie Grove from Gage Ok. I have no memories of Gage. Our first house was a rent house and the neighborhood was full of children. Martha across the street, the Kruse clan just down the road and others close by. I remember very little about that but in spurts. It was great fun and good times if a three to five year old can have those. What I wish I could remember was Jean Ann Webb holding me and rocking me but sorry to say the memory is not there.
By the time you are six your personality is supposed to be set. Either you are loud and boisterous, quiet and shy or some where in the middle. More on those later. I think I was on the quiet but not so shy type. Definitely not loud or boisterous. I made friends and had good times. Carrol Hudson was my best buddy in the lower grades. I will have to expound on my first visit to his families farm sometime. It was an eye opener for me. I don’t know why I was a different me but in Junior high I went to a special Ed. school. Not for retards but supposedly slow learners. Some were like me just too lazy to do the home work, others just needed some confidence, and others, the schools I think said here you take ’em, we don’t want them. I met some great people there. Terry M. whose last name I will never be able to spell. Gary Greer my truest friend I may have ever had. Sorry to say he died in an auto accident several years later. I also had some great teachers, Elise Hansard, who taught me to be a gentleman even when I didn’t want to be one, whom I also had a junior high crush on. Mrs. Brown who was a very happy person all the time and Bill McCann who tried teaching me math and karate. What was the different personality part, I was an important person there. At least my ninth grade year, eighth grade the older kids mostly just tolerated me. But that year I did become student council vp and the ninth grade became president. Hey I was proud of it. This could never happen in PG because I wasn’t in that crowd and not that open personality wise.
Time to split this up. More coming soon.


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