I have realized I could write a very boring book about myself and I might not want to read it, but I need to finish what I started 2 weeks ago. When I finally stop trying to go to Tech I had several jobs and none were satisfying or paid well. But I was growing spiritually and as a person. I knew I could depend on myself for most things and I had found a new home. This was probably 1976. Being baptized in a creek on a fall afternoon, dancing before the Lord at meetings and being with the best bunch of Christians brothers and sisters I have ever met. That is what made that time so great. Playing softball in the church league was definitely fun. But don’t ever ump in a league, even in a church league. I learned the hard way. It is really hard to say how much this time affected me but it is a time that was blessed and memorable. I knew I never wanted to leave but that might not have been God’s will. Because in 82 I had a very hard time finding a job. Now a lot of people was in the same position but I had decided I needed to go back to Prairie Grove and find work. My brother Tom was a supervisor at a factory in PG and he got me an interview. Well for the next 5 years I was there. Money wasn’t great but it was a steady check. I went back to the Methodist church for a while but I knew I needed something different. Across the street from me lived Bob Pease and family. They went to a small fellowship in Lincoln. Well I found a new place to worship and grew to appreciate people of all back grounds. It was a very good little church. In 84 I took a 2 week vacation and drove to Yellowstone Park. Yes by myself. Truly one of the best experiences as a nature lover.
In 91 I met Fran, Hannah and Marc. A bind date (sort of) when I met them. Marc was 6, Hannah 8, Fran a few years older but not too much. Well we met in early in early September and was married in the next February. Dickens said it best “It was the best of times and it was the worst of times”. I will not go into any details because it would do no one any good. But to say this. We lost Marc August 1, 2000 from cancer. The marriage lasted until August 2004. I am not proud how I led that family in many ways. I was not the man I should have been. I am glad Fran and I are friends and she helps me stay in touch and that Hannah has turned out to be a good daughter. Well I said I was going to finish but to shorten this some what I may get forget some details. Fran and I went to several churches during our marriage so after we separated I went back to OUTREACH CENTER. One of the several we had gone too. It reminded me a lot of the Fellowship in Russellville but smaller. I have grown to love each of them and grown in the Lord also from being there. Three I must mention are Don Leetch, Dean Kerns, the founders of the church and Day Spring Cards. The third is Pastor Dave Flack. All three have treated me special and will always be in my heart. I could have gone back to Russellville but I think God has told me to stay here and learn and grow here. Now I an not sure If I finished on the same topic I began on but I tried my best. God Bless.


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