We are blessed in Siloam Springs with having several nice places to eat. From 28 Springs to the many Mexican food places we have a wide variety of places and most are decent places to eat. I have eaten at 28 one time. I had a burger and a fries with a tea. It was good but not outstanding. I am not trying to sound critical. I am not a person qualified to write a critique. We have fast food places and they are mostly new. They are just that fast food and I eat there just like every one else. My favorite Mexican is El Rancho. Wilmer is a friend and the place serves good food and prices in my range.
Well I made it to Callahan’s. It is truly my favorite place to eat. Why? First the waitresses. I do not know them all but I like them all and I have never had any complaints about any of them. I try to remember their names and I am getting better at it. My problem is they are close to the same age and and about the same height. I will try harder. If they aren’t real busy I will ask them If I can pray for them. I do this at home but if asked I would do it there. Pat, one of the “supervisors”? Mother lives in Heritage heights as I do. Cathy her mom is a real jewel of a person and has lived a busy life. I understand where Pat gets her drive. Cathy is also very funny at times and we are always joking one another. Well that has helped me get to know the ladies that wait on me. I try to be nice and make them smile. I guess I should mention food here also. I am not going to say I have tried everything but I have never had a bad meal. Whether it is the steaks, which are larger than they were, chicken,shrimp,burgers salads and of course their good loaf of bread.I always try to eat everything but some times it just won’t work. I rarely eat a meal until 7:00 pm because I stay full so long. That is great for my Diet. It also makes a good nap happen on Sunday’s.
Cathy’s here in town is also very good but they don’t have Faith, Hope, and Destiny.


Who is the H Post and why do they hate me and people like me.

After I put that title up I said to myself, Ben you could probably find out on Google. But then that would ruin my blog. So onward I go. I wonder what kind of people manage the Huffington Post. Are they Jews that hate Christians? Are they atheist that hate Christians? Are they morons or people that just like to bad talk a large segment of nation. I am writing this here to vent a lot of frustration. They are always trying to undermine Christians. Not really conservatives but Christian conservatives they really hate. It is frustrating because I am no longer allowed to comment on their comments any more. Something about calling them names. Well I can’t read any article from them without seeing red. They don’t just write a weekly bashing of Christians but it is daily and sometimes 2 or more. Anything from cutting the Bible as being fiction to running down someone who is Christian, they had it big time for Phil Robertson this winter. I guess they have the freedom to write what they want but without rebuttal it seems overly sickening. Sure there are plenty of people that disagree with them that can and do comment but even some of these are from way out of touch groups that make Christians look bad.
I don’t know if they will ever let me be back on the comment pages but I hope they will. I like to think they were scared of the truth but they hold the power to take me down and did. Maybe it was the Lord settling me down. Any way if you like the Huffington Post please let me know why.